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Lowcountry Basement Systems has been serving the coastal Georgia and South Carolina areas since 1996. We specialize in crawl space sealing and basement waterproofing in Savannah, GA and surrounding areas, such as Hinesville, Pembroke, Statesboro, Sylvania & Springfield. We also transform dirt crawl space in Georgia into healthy living environments for our clients through crawl space encapsulation.

The company focuses on providing complete and permanent solutions, not just a quick fix. We accomplish this through crawl space vapor barrier installation, dehumidification, crawl space sump pumps, air duct cleaning, basement waterproofing, and cracked foundation repair in Savannah, GA and surrounding areas.

Through a combination of high temperatures and humidity levels, along with high water tables, South Carolina and Georgia's environment promotes mold growth, structural decay and unhealthy indoor environmental quality in both residential and commercial buildings. To address these issues, Clean USA, Inc has has the training and top-level crawl space contractors that can help with air filtration and crawl space moisture issues.

The damp, moldy air from your crawl space can make its way up through your entire house and affect the air quality. It has been determined that 40-60% of the air we breath in the main floor of a home is produced from the crawl space. Sealing off your crawl space and eliminating crawl space moisture in Georgia and South Carolina is essential. In addition to being a complete and permanent moisture solution, the CleanSpace system prevents the infiltration of radon gases, insects, rodents and the warm, humid outside air.

Contact Lowcountry Basement Systems today for your free estimate on crawl space encapsulation, foundation repair, and basement waterproofing in Georgia and South Carolina.

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