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Our CleanSpace Dealers Serving Montana

555 Manley Road
Bozeman, MT 59715
Crawl space repair contractor serving Bozeman, Missoula, Butte, Helena & Great Falls, Montana
5463 Trumpeter Way, Suite A
Missoula, MT 59808
Day Spring Restoration is a crawl space repair contractor serving Montana.
1105 24th Avenue W.
Havre, MT 59501

Hi-Line Solutions is a certified CleanSpace dealer servicing the greater Harve, MT area.

240 Buckskin Road, Unit 1A
Belgrade, MT 59714
Because every house is a system, a neglected crawl space can cause problems throughout the home, such as diminished indoor air quality. Yellowstone Foundation Repair offers unbeatable crawl space repair services. Find out more about their services and the areas they reach here.
4963 Dovetail Ave.
Billings, MT 59106
ProSeal Basement Systems is a crawl space repair contractor and CleanSpace dealer serving Greater Billings, MT. They specialize in crawl space repair solutions and insulation installation. They also offer basement waterproofing.

Each of the Basement Systems CleanSpace dealers in Montana offers free inspections and a no-obligation written estimate.

Crawl spaces have a bad reputation —as cramped, damp, dirty spaces that harbor bad-smelling mold, insects and other pests. The CleanSpace system of crawl space repair is designed to turn this ugly area into an asset —a part of your house you can actually be proud of. Our trained technicians make this transformation possible by combining waterproofing techniques with high-performance insulation, durable moisture barriers and effective air-sealing strategies.
Customer Reviews
  • By Jere F.
    Bozeman, MT
    "Thank you for the fast service and the friendly staff. Your time was..."

    Customer Review

    By Jere F.
    Bozeman, MT

    Thank you for the fast service and the friendly staff. Your time was greatly appreciated.
  • By Katherine G
    Bozeman, MT
    "Quick to meet our urgent need for carpet cleaning where incontinent cat..."

    Customer Review

    By Katherine G
    Bozeman, MT

    Quick to meet our urgent need for carpet cleaning where incontinent cat died. Receptionist very accommodating and their worker (Devin F)efficient and knowledgeable. Highly recommend their services.
  • By Tom &.
    Bozeman, MT
    "The crew was very professional and courteous."

    Customer Review

    By Tom &.
    Bozeman, MT

    The crew was very professional and courteous.
  • By Deborah R.
    Bozeman, MT
    "The two men who did the work at my home and office are very professional..."

    Customer Review

    By Deborah R.
    Bozeman, MT

    The two men who did the work at my home and office are very professional and helpful. It was Paul and another man that worked with him. They are both hard workers and kind.
  • By Katherine G.
    Bozeman, MT
    "Devin F. was both personable and professional."

    Customer Review

    By Katherine G.
    Bozeman, MT

    Devin F. was both personable and professional.
  • By Dave S.
    Manhattan, MT
    "Aaron and Austin got my carpets cleaner than anyone ever has!"

    Customer Review

    By Dave S.
    Manhattan, MT

    Aaron and Austin got my carpets cleaner than anyone ever has!
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Recent job requests for crawl space repair in MT:

Project Location: Rd 20, Worden, MT 59088

Comment: Crawl space fills with water- need soloution

Project Location: 12 St W, Billings, MT 59101

Comment: Vapor barrier in crawl space

Project Location: 12th Ave, Laurel, MT 59044

Comment: 4ft crawl space under house looking to install sump pumps where needed.also to have someone check foundations for possible problems.

Project Location: South 11th, Livingston, MT 59047

Comment: I currently have an inside access to my crawl space and I need an outside access to my crawl space because we are getting rid of the inside access

Project Location: Elkhorn View Dr, Clancy, MT 59634

Comment: Dirt crawlspace

Project Location: Snow Goose Street, Helena, MT 59602

Comment: I would like an estimate for CleanSpace 20 mil vapor barrier.

Project Location: Ponderilla Dr., Polson, MT 59860

Comment: We are in the process of purchasing the home in Polson. Inspection found no moisture barrier and venting in the crawl space. We need an estimate to install the vapor/moisture barrier and venting for a crawl space appx 2000 sf and appx 5' in height. We will get with you if we want to proceed. Tom

Project Location: Lackman Loop, Frenchtown, MT 59834

Comment: Need insulation removal with new insulation install for crawlspace. Pipes subject to freezing

Project Location: Second Street, Whitefish, MT 59937

Comment: I have a duplex with approximate 4-foot crawlspace of 1500 sq ft. There are 2-3 layers of black plastic covering the dirt floor, but it is not well sealed. I am trying to reduce a musty odor in one of the apartments and insect problems (hobo spiders). I have read about venting solutions online, but this seems wasteful to me. Making the crawlspace more like the conditioned space above seems to make sense however. I've actually monitored the humidity over the summer with an uncalibrated data storage device, and had average readings of 53% RH June to September with extremes of 85% to 35%. I treated the foundation walls in late May with a bleach solution to reduce mold stains, which was quite effective, and had the side benefit of eliminating the spiders. This is all in preparation to insulating the foundation walls with R-30 (?) kraft-faced fiberglass batt. Spray foam is not allowed without building walls around the forced air furnaces. One additional concern is ventilation of a 400 sq ft addition located partially over a concrete slab that is extremely low clearance (less than 1 foot in places) and which I've been told is impossible to insulate because of the limited access. I'd like to connect it to the main crawlspace with a fan which forces air in continuously and would naturally vent back into the main area, where it is relatively warm. This would reduce humidity there as well and have the side benefit of keeping the bathroom pipes warm, which are prone to freezing. (Just your basic crawlspace humidity design application.) I've spec'd out some components, and could do some of the work myself, but I'm intrigued by your dehumidifier system. There is no sump currently installed in this crawlspace, and normally none is needed. That 85% RH reading in late June may have indicated a rising water table, however, as it was a particularly wet spring here. Despite the considerable distance, it looks like your Missoula contractor has traveled to the Flathead valley before. Thanks.

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