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12-17-2005, 01:17 PM
About a month and a half ago, a tech came out to check and service my system. My wife called me during the tech's visit and I spoke to him over the phone. I was told the pump (4 years old) was shot and that had been a lot of rocks and dirt in the sump, which was cleaned out. The tech said if he put in a new pump and alarm that day, the service charge would be waived. I okayed the installation of the new pump and alarm. A week or so later, I called Basement Systems to ask if the alarm receiver I had (as part of the old alarm system) was still required. I was told the new alarm does not have a remote receiver, that the new ones alarm at the point of installation. The person I talked to also said the alarm looks like a red hockey puck located on the top of the tank. I was satisfied with this and never bothered to check for the presence of the alarm until a couple weeks ago. There is nothing located on the top of the tank nor is there anything attached to the discharge pipe, which is where the old alarm transmitter was located.

I called Basement Systems, off-hours, a couple times and left messages, with my phone number, asking if the alarm could possibly be located inside the tank. I have never received a response. Is it possible the alarm is in the tank? If so, is it powered by the supply to the pump?

I also have been wondering how rocks could have entered the tank. I can understand dirt-like material making it past the footer-slab gap, but rocks? Is it possible for WaterGuard sections to have broken or separated, allowing the trench fill to get into the system?

Basement MD
12-19-2005, 10:27 AM
I apologize for any mis communication. If you could please call us at 1-800-541-0487 and ask for Kiesha the service manager we can get this all resolved for you.

As far as the rocks and dirt, I would guess it was more dirt than rocks. The holes in the sump liner are only 3/8" round so they would be smaller than that to get in. The material most likely was from the back fill around the liner it would be very unlikely that material would travel through the waterguard to the sump.

Basement Systems.