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01-11-2006, 10:19 AM
Hi. Two questions:

1. Is it OK with you to take an incremental approach to basement flooding? I mean, install a sump pump first with a perferated basin that allows the gravel under the slab to send water to the sump basin. If flooding still happens, then add the Waterguard. In my case, I already have an unused radon removal pipe under the slab that I can connect to the basin to further aid in water removal.

2. Have you EVER had a situation where you installed the waterguard and sump, and STILL had water coming up through the floor slab because water rose under the floor as well as around the perimeter?

3. Can your Supersump be rigged up to a radon pump if it is ever needed, so the sump acts as the radon pickup point?

Yeah, that was 3 questions... :-)


Basement MD
01-11-2006, 01:09 PM
Anything is possible, Yes you can install just the SuperSump (http://www.basementsystems.com/basement_waterproofing/waterproofing_products/sump_pump/) to see how it will handle the water problem. However a sump does not act like a vacuum, the water has to find its way to the sump, this is why waterguard (http://www.basementsystems.com/basement_waterproofing/waterproofing_products/basement_waterproofing_system/waterguard.php) and drainage systems (http://www.basementsystems.com/basement_waterproofing/waterproofing_products/basement_waterproofing_system/) are usually installed. Installing a sump will prbably keep you from getting flooded with inches of water but the floor may still get wet.

With a full perimeter WaterGuard System (http://www.basementsystems.com/basement_waterproofing/waterproofing_products/basement_waterproofing_system/waterguard.php) and Sump installation most homes are fine and that is all they will ever need. However with any system there can be exceptions. Occasionally you may have to have a lateral or drains across the floor is some basements. These situations are usally caused by Clay soil under the floor or other unique circumstances.

I would not recommend using the sump as a draw point for a radon system. It just creates unnessecary work, more time and will interupt the operation of the radon system when any repairs, replacement or service is performed on the sump.