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08-03-2006, 11:22 PM
I will be having a Waterguard system (http://www.basementsystems.com/basement_waterproofing/waterproofing_products/basement_waterproofing_system/) installed and can't tell from the photos on your website how the sections of the Waterguard (http://www.basementsystems.com/basement_waterproofing/waterproofing_products/basement_waterproofing_system/) are joined together when the wall is long, or where the pipe goes around a corner via a corner piece.
Also, from sections of exposed footing, I see that the wooden cleats from the original construction of the forms were left in place 20 years ago when the house was built. The wood is intact and any moisture that might wick through would be collected by the Waterguard (http://www.basementsystems.com/basement_waterproofing/waterproofing_products/basement_waterproofing_system/). Is it necessary or desirable to partially drill out these cleats from the inside once the trench is dug for the Waterguard (http://www.basementsystems.com/basement_waterproofing/waterproofing_products/basement_waterproofing_system/) and try to plug the holes with waterplug cement or are they simply cut off flush and left in place.

10-11-2006, 07:44 AM
Joining sections of Waterguard together

WaterGuard (http://www.basementsystems.com/basement_waterproofing/waterproofing_products/basement_waterproofing_system/) is typically joined together using a WaterGuard (http://www.basementsystems.com/basement_waterproofing/waterproofing_products/basement_waterproofing_system/) tape. The joint does not have to be waterproof (the entire length of the WaterGuard (http://www.basementsystems.com/basement_waterproofing/waterproofing_products/basement_waterproofing_system/) is perforated with holes), but the tape is more to simply hold the WaterGuard (http://www.basementsystems.com/basement_waterproofing/waterproofing_products/basement_waterproofing_system/) pieces in place. Corners can be cut on 45-degree angles or joined with manufactured corner pieces. These are really up to the team installing your basement waterproofing system (http://www.basementsystems.com/basement_waterproofing/).

As for the wooden cleats, I would leave that up to the experts at the local dealership. Without seeing these it would be difficult to draw any sort of conclusion.


08-08-2007, 04:30 PM
My local installer is planning on using duct tape. Is this a qualified waterguard tape? Should I verify what is being used to hold the sections together?

09-07-2007, 02:35 PM
The tape is simply to hold the WaterGuard (http://www.basementsystems.com/basement_waterproofing/waterproofing_products/basement_waterproofing_system/waterguard.php) in place while stone is filled in and it is being concreted over, once it's done, the WaterGuard won't have anywhere to go. Remember that the WaterGuard channel has holes in it, so water is going to get out. We're just creating an easy channel for water to travel to the sump pump (http://www.basementsystems.com/sump_pump/).