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11-04-2003, 06:00 AM
In October 2002 the foundation for our new home was poured. Construction didn't begin for months later. The basement floor was poured early spring being the first time we had access to this basement. We immediately noticed water on the floor and lower walls, coming through tie holes, and arround the bilico door.
After persistent questioning we were FINALLY told this was all due to condensation. A waterproofing material was painted on entire floor and up the walls about 8 inches. tie holes continued to leak water as well as various damp spots on walls. tie holes were filled and wall was patched with a different type of rubberwall material, the tie holes have leaked through this material as well. There is a corner of the basement wall that has water seepage appearing to come through the wall not near a tie hole. another "band-aid" was applied, this being a substance that apparently dries clear and is completely water proof.
The bilico door continues to puddle water at the floor and into the basement after rainfall, a simple caulking of the bilico hatch will be the fix to this problem so we are told and will hopefully be true as we are at our end of the rope with this problem. HOw common is it and what are your thoughts on a basement that continually seeps water through filled tie holes, has water dripping down the walls and possibly seeping under or through a sealing of the bilico door???? PLease send any suggestions!!!

11-05-2003, 08:15 AM
Thanks for the question. It can be common for tie holes to leak when not properly sealed on the exterior. Patching them usually results in a band aid situation which you never know how well it will work. What we can do is to inject the tie holes with a urethane that will travel around the rod to the exterior. It would be best for someone to look at the entire situation for best results. Call Basement Systems at 1-800-541-0487 to get a free estimate.

Mark Daconto VP
Basement Systems Inc.