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01-31-2007, 03:29 PM
1)I am looking at finishing out the basement including framing walls. Can I place a 2x4 or 2x6 floor plate on top of the waterguard system in order to frame in perimeter walls? What purpose does the waterguard port serve and do you know of folks who have "framed their wall around it" to retain access?

2)Is it possible to tie the perimeter waterguard system into a functional floor drain (at the appropriate downhill drainage point) rather than using the triple safe sump pump system and still get the warranty?


02-05-2007, 07:43 AM

1. Yes, you can place the floor plate on top of the WaterGuard (http://www.basementsystems.com/basement_waterproofing/waterproofing_products/basement_waterproofing_system/waterguard.php) -- the preferred method to secure this to the floor, if you plant to do this, is to use Liquid Nails or something similar rather than nailing into the concrete. As for the WaterGuard port, it would typically be placed in an unfinished part of the basement for easy access to the system. If there's a port where the finished area is going to be, just build as usual, unless you wanted to have access for something like a dehumidifier hose, then you could probably leave an access hatch to the port.

2. You can tie the WaterGuard to a your floor drain, but the dealer will not be able to warrant if this gets backed up. The Waterguard warranty isn't tied to the sump, but rather it warrants the WaterGuard basement waterproofing (http://www.basementsystems.com/basement_waterproofing/) system itself.