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04-19-2007, 05:49 PM
Hello, I am trying find out how the Waterguard system is designed to work so I know if it was installed correctly in my basement. Last weekend in NJ we got a ton of rain. I decided to go around an check all the Check Ports in the waterguard system and I noticed that all the ports and guard system along the sides and back walls of my basement had anywhere from 1" to 2" of water in it but this water was not moving, it was just puddled in there? The front wall was dry though. I am unsure if what I am seeing is water coming from behind the walls or if it is the water table rising from the floor, but either way I would think that when water was present in the waterguard system that it should be pitched and flowing freely to the sump pump like advertised in the brochure. So my question is, How is the Waterguard system designed to work and why was the water in my system dead still and not flowing to the sump? I am alittle concerned that one day we will get enough rain that the water pools up over the water guard and onto our basement floor because it is not flowing to the sump. Any help on how this system is designed to work, why it was not flowing in my system and if my system was installed in-correctly would be a great help, thanks Sean

04-23-2007, 07:23 AM

Water should flow from the WaterGuard to the sump pump. First off, I would call the local dealer and pose this question to them.

It could be that if it's only a little standing water in the WaterGuard, then when the water level rises, there's enough pitch to drain the bulk of it to the sump. As the ground was saturated with all the rain New Jersey had (9 inches in some parts), it could be that it wasn't enough water to reach the sump and the water couldn't leach out of the WaterGuard because it was so saturated.

The local dealer is best suited to answer this question and make sure that your system is working properly