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01-04-2005, 05:35 PM
hi I just have some questions.A little about my situation.I live in a town house that i bought 4 years ago.the basment is finished and i noticed the carpet was wet in the corner.Any way i took out a part of the dry wall and found a crack going from the top of the wall completly down to the floor.It is a poured foundation and the crack is in the corner of the back wall and the common wall deviding the basements.I am considering having it repaired by a basement systems dealer in my area but have a few questions before i call

1)is it common for a crack to run the whole length of the wall?

2)is this a "MAJOR" foundation problem?resulting in further damage of the wall

3)Can it be simply repaired with an injection method with no more problems

4)a reapair for a crack this length would it cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to reapair.i do understand for a aprox quote it would have to be looked at.i do have to repair it very soon i just want to know where i stand as far as cost.

Thank you very much and i would appreciate any info/help you can offer.

01-05-2005, 11:09 AM
Thanks for the questions.

1. It is common that cracks will run from floor to the top of the wall. Most concrete walls will have cracks in them.

2. In most cases they are not "Major" problems as a matter of fact if it didnt leak you would have never known it was there. Because not all cracks even leak. If you have a crack that is open more than 1/2" or runs horizontally I would recomend a foundation repair specialist look at it.

3. Injection certainly can be a permanent repair if done properly with continued movement.

4. Most crack repairs are in the hundreds of dollars unless there are some unusual circumstances.

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