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Old 11-01-2006, 09:49 AM
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Default freezing sump hose

Hi- I have a house that sits in a low spot and my sump pump gets alot of use, even in the winter. I need to run the drainage hose a distance away from the house and the water in it freezes and blocks the pump drainage. If I take the hose off or shorten it for the winter, water pools and seeps into the basement. Any suggestions? What is a "freeze guard"?
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Old 11-01-2006, 10:08 AM
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Freezing sump pump discharge lines are a problem in winter. We do use a three-inch pipe to drain water away, but eventually these freeze or get snow over the end and become blocked.

So we have our patented anti-freeze device "IceGuard" that we install with our sump pump systems in areas where we experience freezing temperatures in winter. The IceGuard works in a way that will continue to discharge water if the line becomes blocked, but it does so right by the foundation -- which in your case sounds as if this water would then enter your basement rather than find it's way back to your sump pump.

It sounds like you need a perimeter waterproofing system that would collect and drain this water to the sump pump or, if it's only a little water, leach it out into the earth.

Unfortunately, there is no device that will keep the discharge line from freezing and still drain the water a far enough distance away from your house to prevent it from possibly finding its way back in.

All of our dealers carry the IceGuard device, as well as have the right waterproofing solution for your situation. You can call 800-638-7048 or contact us online to be connected with your local Basement Systems dealer.

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