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WaterWatch Sump Pump Alarm System Saves a Home From Getting Flooded

The patented WaterWatch sump pump alarm sounds off like a smoke detector in the event that water rises above the point where the sump pump should turn on. This gives you warning to address the pump-failure problem before any water damage occurs in your basement.

The WaterWatch sump pump alarm probe sits down through the sump pump cover into the sump pump basin. The end of the probe has a water-sensitive tip that sounds off when it comes in contact with water. This patented solution can save your basement from flooding in the event of pump failure for any reason.

All Basement Systems sump pump systems, including the TripleSafe sump pump, SuperSump, and SmartSump come standard with the WaterWatch water alarm.

Relying on a sump pump without an alarm makes no sense. If the circuit breaker trips, the pump cord is unplugged, or the pump fails to turn on for any other reason, you can experience costly flood damage without warning. Be sure that the investment you make in your basement waterproofing system and any further basement remodeling you may do is protected with a sump pump alarm.

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