Zoeller Sump Pump Systems & Installation

Zoeller Sump Pump

Zoeller pumps come standard in all
Basement Systems sump pump systems

A Zoeller sump pump, Model 53, is the finest pump available -- a high-end 1/3 hp cast-iron pump with a mechanical float switch is the primary sump pump in both the SuperSump and TripleSafe sump pump systems. This Zoeller pump was chosen as the best from among nearly 50 models.

The secondary pump in the TripleSafe sump pump system is a 1/2 hp cast-iron Zoeller sump pump, which is also available for various applications in the SuperSump. Although the Zoeller pump is very quiet due to the airtight sump pump cover, the discharge line is equipped with 2 rubber fittings for additional sound and vibration reduction.

Basement Systems chose to use Zoeller pumps because or their reliability. Zoeller sump pumps run smoothly and quietly, and are resistant to corrosion due to their powder-coated epoxy finish. The Zoeller sump pumps also resist clogging and can pump up to 1/2-inch solids. These pumps will perform reliably for many years.

Pictured right is a cutaway of the interior of a SuperSump system, showing the Zoeller M53 sump pump on the patented CleanPump Stand, which helps protect the pump by keeping it raised above any sediment that might enter the patented SuperLiner sump pump basin.

Sump Pump Comparison Videos Larry Janesky, owner and founder of Basement Systems, compares the Zoeller sump pump against other models in this 2-part series!

The Zoeller Model 53. This is typically the primary pump that we use in our sump pump systems. It's a little quieter than the larger models and uses a little less energy to run.  This is the best sump pump you can buy.

The Zoeller Model 98. This is the larger version of the Model 53. We will substitute this pump as the primary pump in basements where more ground water is present or expected.

The Zoeller 137. This is the higher capacity half-horsepower version of the Model 98 used in scenarios where lots of water and flooding are present.

The Zoeller Model 266. This pump is designed to pump water and up to 2-inch solids. We substitute this pump into our system in situations where water from an exterior source with sand or sediment present.

Zoeller Pump Options

  Zoeller Pump M53 Zoeller Pump M98 Zoeller Pump 137 Zoeller Pump M266
Pump Zoeller M53 Zoeller M98 Zoeller 137 Zoeller M266
Horse Power 1/3 HP 1/2 HP 1/2 HP 1/2 HP
GPH at
5 ft. head
2580 GPH 4320 GPH 6240 GPH 7680 GPH

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