What Is A Sump Pump System?

Triple Safe™ Sump Pump System

A system, not just a pump. The Triple Safe™ sump pump system includes 3 pumps to handle worst-case waterproofing requirements, and a durable sump liner fitted with an airtight cover.

The sump pump plays a critical role in any basement or crawl space waterproofing system. French drains installed around the perimeter of the basement collect water and bring it to a sump pit.

When water in the pit reaches a certain level, a float switch activates the sump pump so that the water can be pumped outside.

Think beyond the motor when you think about installing a sump pump

The sump pump itself is a specially designed electric motor connected to an impeller that pumps water as it spins. Sump pumps come in different sizes, have varying pumping capacities and are made from different materials.

But when installing a new sump pump or replacing an existing sump pump, it’s important to think beyond the pump itself. This is especially important if you’re thinking about how to install a sump pump yourself.

At Basement Systems, we talk about sump pump systems, not just sump pumps. A sump pump system can contain more than one sump pump, and it probably should if you want full protection against power outages and extremely wet conditions.

For example, our TripleSafe® sump pump contains three sump pumps: one to handle normal pumping volume, a secondary pump that comes on if the first pump stops working or can’t handle the volume, and a third pump that operates on battery power in the event of a power outage. A single sump pump could never provide this level of protection against a basement flood.

A sump liner succeeds where a sump pit fails

Triple Safe™ Sump Pump System Internal

The sump pump systems installed by Basement Systems include a heavy duty plastic sump liner that has an airtight cover. This is a dramatic improvement over the open sump pit that doesn’t just look ugly; it also collects dirt and debris and can be a safety hazard.

Our plastic sump liners have perforated sides to admit water, each liner also has a large hole where the main drain line can be connected.

Specially designed sump pump platforms elevate the pump intake area above the bottom of the liner so that silt won’t clog the impellers.

The airtight top of a Basement Systems sump liner contains a one-way drain in case water needs to drain into the liner from the basement floor. There’s also a water alarm that will go off automatically if the sump pump isn’t functioning and water starts to collect in the liner. Electrical wires and drainage pipes pass through gasketed openings in the cover.

Your basement and your home deserve the best!

Of course, all of the innovative features packed into a Basement Systems sump pump system have an impact on sump pump installation cost. But it only takes a single bout with extreme weather for this premium sump pump system to pay for itself many times over by keeping your basement dry.

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