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Testimonials for Doug Lacey's Basement Systems

Andy L. of Calgary, AB
Wednesday, December 6th
Testimonial Photo by Rod S.
Do you know Adrian? He has the most exceptional work ethic! He called me this morning before my appointment and turned up right on time. He was efficient, effective, exceptionally helpful, exceptionally knowledgeable, and EXCEPTIONALLY LIKEABLE! As a retired Supervisor/Manager, I see great quality in employees. Adrian has done your company proud. I showed him a picture of my late father and he did something that brought tears to my eyes and a lump in my throat (Adrian will know what he did). I have some of Adrian & Cody's cards and would be more than proud, as a customer, to hand them out and highly recommend you. I am EXTREMELY, EXTREMELY HAPPY WITH THE COMPANY FROM BEGINNING TO END!!!   I loved the service, the product, the results, how clean the area was, the presentation, the person, and the entire experience. I am overly ecstatic with the treatment I received from this company. 
Rod S. of Lethbridge, AB
Wednesday, May 31st
Found out about it online and heard from others who had experience with the company. I was tired of getting my basement done incomplete and paying people tons of money only to still have a continuously leaking basement. I had sleepless nights when it rained because i Knew my basement would be wet. Since work done by the basement systems, I have an absolutely dry basement. I keep checking the basement each time it rains and to my surprise it would still be dry. I have stopped checking regularly now and for the 1st time in a long time, I have peaceful sleeps. Thank you basement systems!!!
Phumi K. of Drumheller, AB
Thursday, April 30th
We just wanted to drop you a quick line to tell you we've lost count of how many times we have thanked you for coming down here to our acreage near Blackie and convincing us that putting in your system was the way to go. We were on the fence, but glad we took the plunge.Our sump has been going about every 15 minutes for the last month, and now every 20 minutes. Our water table is at levels not seen since the 60's according to the neighbours. We are just so happy to not be dealing with water in our have no idea!! Our neighbours have not been so lucky.Your company has been great to deal with and we have mentioned Basement Systems to a number of people.Anyway, just wanted to let you know how happy we are with our system.....THANKS!!!
Leslie & Dave B. of Blackie, AB
Wednesday, June 21st
Testimonial Photo by Wyatt G.
Tyler and Caleb showed professionalism and communicated perfectly! They kept us in the know throughout the entire project. I cant get over how professional they were. The way they communicated throughout the job and how clean and organized they were was very impressive. I am also very impressed that the General Manager came out and introduced himself. He answered all the questions I had about the work being done, and it allowed me to understand everything perfectly. I was assured that I hired the right company. From start to finish I was blown away and will highly recommend this company to everyone!
Wyatt G. of Bairmore, AB
Tuesday, June 27th
I used this company to waterproof our rental property’s basement over 2 years ago. The installation crew did a wonderful job as I have not encountered any issues regarding basement carpet being drenched. The sump pump they installed is also great as it is still working. I still use the company for annual maintenance and the technician I have dealt with have all been wonderful. They perform the work properly, provide great service, and recommendation. The best part I have found about this company is an exceptional customer service from everyone I have encountered with so far.
Rudraman S. of Calgary, AB
Monday, May 8th
Just wanted to let everyone know how please we are with the install that happened last week. Paul and his crew were so professional and hard working, staying positive when our foundation added days of crawlspace jackhammering - it was a challenging job and one I don't think I could have tolerated.They were tidy and conscientious, and so politely humoured my 3 year old daughters endless attempts to talk to them. Great guys!So thanks to them we have no water in the basement and a sump that goes every 20 this house lasted 60 years without one is a mystery. Much appreciated!
Jennifer G. of Calgary, AB
Wednesday, June 21st
Testimonial Photo by Chris P.
With redundant pump and battery backup, I can always sleep easy knowing that Doug Lacey’s basement systems are on the job and protecting my home from water. They send Feiross every year, who not only remembers me, my home, and where we left the conversation at the last inspection, but he’s also a well spoken and interesting guy who I look forward to chatting with each year.
Chris P. of Calgary, AB
Wednesday, August 16th
Mason was the best service tech I have had so far with this company . He was professional , personable and very knowledgeable . His kept his work space very clean as he worked and he explained and answered all my questions in detail in a way that was easy for me to understand and I have post concussion syndrome so I appreciated his patience and kindness as my words were sometimes disjointed or slow. Mason also took extra time explaining my Aspen air purifier to me and now I’m even more appreciative that I bought it . He knew all the health benefits and explained each filter . I loved his positive personality and interest in doing his job well! His enthusiasm was contagious and he was unique in that he sincerely took a keen interest in his work . And he was excellent in communication skills . He deserves a bonus for being able to do both well . He makes the company look good!
Evelyn H. of Calgary, AB
Monday, June 5th
Your company was referred to me by an individual who had seen your work before. That's the slickest crack fix I've ever seen!
Barry M. of Olds, Alberta,
I was renting out a home and wanted to have some basement water protection for tenants. Good crew! Fast and efficient.
Greg K. of Calgary,
I thank you for your help and going the extra mile for me as no one else in the business even came close to your service! Charles R.(FYI Athabasca is out of our regular service area)
Charles R. of Athabasca, AB
The pump had run all night, but was pumping water back to the house foundation due to the frozen ground & frozen pipe, so I was very concerned about water seeping into the basement. You were available to come out the same day I had the problem, to install above-ground pipes to direct the water away from the house. Upon checking the system, he determined that it was old (installed 8 years ago) & failing, & graciously made the time to replace the pump & add a back-up battery. That saved our basement from flooding I'm sure! Thanks for providing such timely, efficient and cheerful service!
Laurette K. of Cochrane, AB
Friday, March 17th
Testimonial Photo by Mark T.
The consultation was great and very helpful. I could tell Eric knew exactly what he was talking about and he was super polite! I loved both the service he provided and the presentation. I will tell everyone about my experience with Eric
Mark T. of Foothills, AB
Friday, February 3rd
I am so impressed with Eric and Nessa for being on the ball and professional during the quote and booking process. I am not sure how my wife found you guys but I am happy that she did!
Mike K. of Rocky View County, AB
Friday, September 8th
Total testimonials : 96
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