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Testimonials for Regional Foundation & Crawl Space Repair

I am very satisfied with the work Regional has done. The installation crew was very nice, efficient, and thorough. The office staff was very pleasant and prompt, and the salesman was very knowledgeable, he listens well, and is honest. I am very satisfied the with cleanup. I am a satisfied previous customer of Regional's which is one of the top reasons I hired them again. Robert & Brandon were very nice, accommodating, meticulous, and willing to make further recommendations for issues that I could do myself!
Bill W. of Clarksville, VA
Thursday, June 23rd
I was very much satisfied with the work that Regional compleed at my home. The installation crew was very nice and the work was very good and the clean up too. the office staff was great and my salesman had a presentation that just really sold me. I heard about regional from both the TV and the internet. My top 2 reasons for choosing your company over another was 1- I liked Ted and 2- your office staff was extremely courteous. Overall, job well done! Clean up was good!  Price was reasonable. Jomaine on follow up was nice.
Donald B. of 301 Quail Ln, NC
Tuesday, April 9th
Iam very satisfied with regional waterproofing.  They did a great job. Brandon and crewmen are very profesional. Office staff was great and friendly. Good job on clean up.
Glenn M. of Henrico, NC
Friday, September 6th
The initial phone call to the office to schedule our service call was superb. The service tech did a good job and the clean up was great.
John J. of Seaboard, NC
Wednesday, April 17th
I am very satisfied with the job you did. The salesman was thorough and informative with his presentation. The installation crew was friendly but professional. They listened to and honored the wishes of the homeowner.
Cosmos G. of Norilina, NC
Monday, December 14th
I was satisfied with the job you did for me. I thought your installation crew was really great. My experience with your office staff was great. I thought the salesman and his presentation was great as well. The clean up was very great and satisfactory.
Rebecca S. of Roanoke Rapids, NC
Friday, August 22nd
Very satisfied I was with the work that Regional performed for me. The installation crew lead by Bernrd were very professional and even clean  up well. he office staff was friendly and my consultant, Ronnie was excellent. One of the top reasons that  I chose Regional Waerporofing was that they were dependable - had good work and they were professional.
Michael W. of Roanoke Rapids, NC
Friday, June 28th
I am very happy with the job you did for me. The installation crew was excellent and very clean. Your office staff was ecellent, great follow up. The salesman and his presentation were excellent. One of the main reasons why I hired your company was because of Mr. Mitchell's kindness and knowledge, he was great! Regional is an ecellent company, well managed with great empoyees. 
Jim S. of Littleton, NC
Wednesday, May 6th
I am very satisfied with the work you did for me. I was not present during the installation but the office staff was informative and professional. My thoughts on the salesman were that he was professional and knowledgeable. The cleanup was also satisfactory. Overall the main reason why I hired you instead of another company was because it was my neighbor"s recommendation.
Susan S. of Littleton, NC
Tuesday, May 19th
You provide the best solution to my problem. You raised my concrete garage floor which has sunk up to 5 inches in many place. My only other choice was to remove the floor and pour new cement, a process that would have taken much longer than your process. The work done has been so far so good. I thought the installation crew was professtional and friendly. My experiance with the office staff and salesman was good and the cleanup for the job was satisfactory. 
Bill D. of Littleton, NC
Wednesday, June 6th
I was very satisfied with the job that you did for us; you did an excellent job.  The installation crew was excellent and very professional.  My experience with the office staff is good.  Your salesman was excellent with his presentation.  Larron is the reason we went with Regional Waterproofing.  The cleanup was satisfactory.  We heard about your company through the Internet.  The main reason why we hired your company instead of another company is because Larron was professional and explained the job well.
Dirk G. of Macon, NC
Friday, October 18th
Generally well satisfied with the job performed.  The installation crew were excellent, thorough, on time, and professional.  The office staff were excellent and had good follow through.  The presentation from salesman was good, informative, but may have over promised a bit.  Clean up was satisfactory.  You may use me as a reference as I have already referred you to others.  I hired  your company because you had a more thorough explanation and handled permits and inspections.  
Bob A. of Macon, NC
Monday, February 20th
The job your did for me was excellent as well as your installation crew, excellent. My experience with your office staff was excellent. The salesman and his presentation were excellent. Overall, the top reasons why I hired your company instead of another company was because of the years you have been in business and your mans know their business and didn't come with a lot of promises that they couldn't do. 
Jessie L. of Bullock , NC
Wednesday, May 13th
You did an excellent job on the job you did for me. Your installation crew also did an excellent job. My experience with you office staff was excellent. Overall, the top reasons why I hired you instead of another company was because I knew that it will be a warranty with a respectable company. The crew Brandon Bland has have done an excellent job. You should be a proud business to have an excellent crew working for you. 
Phylencia L. of Bullock , NC
Friday, May 8th
Mr. Mitchell's attention to details and his thorough explanation of the process- addressed my every concern and quick installation are two reasons I hired Regional instead of another company. Also,I have found in my experience that any company or institution is only as good as the employees are , especially the employees who come in contact with the customers. On two occasions work crews have come to my house-initial installation and to open the cover to allow for termite treatment. Your installation crews are outstanding! They were thorough, conscientious and very pleasant. They worked hard under hot conditions in very close spaces under an old house. Your men represent your company very well. Please thank them again for me.
Ina L. of South Mills, NC
Monday, October 10th
Total testimonials : 446
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