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Why is my basement leaking?

Tuesday, November 3rd

Why is my basement leaking? - Image 1

What causes water to leak into a basement? It’s easy to blame a wet basement on mistakes made during a home’s construction process, but this rarely the case. Instead, you should blame the inherent nature of your basement: the materials that are used and the way that it is situated below ground:

  • Basements are boxes built with cinder-block, stone or poured concrete and buried into loose  and wet soil. Due to a phenomena known as the "clay bowl effect" groundwater tends to accumulate outside the basement.
  • Concrete is a porous material, so ground water can and will infiltrate it and evaporate into the basement. Concrete also tends to shrink and crack as it cures creating more opportunities for water intrusion.
  • The mortar holding stone and block walls together tend to weaken and crumble due to soil and foundation movement. Water also tends to accumulate inside hollow cinder-blocks.

In other words, your basement leaks because there is too much water surrounding it, and because…well, it is a basement! 

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To prevent and stop basement flooding, you need to prevent water from accumulating outside its walls with an effective drainage system. We understand basements and have developed a suite of products to keep basements dry. Our network of nationwide Basement Systems dealers are trained and certified in inspection, diagnosis and installation of these waterproofing products.

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