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Fix Your Nasty, Energy-Wasting Crawl Space CleanSpace crawl space encapsulation is the solution you need.

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Before & After Photos

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No Crawlspace layout is Unsuitable for CleanSpace

AquaGuard was able to address of the issues in the crawlspace. It not only needed CleanSpace (drain matting), but it also needed products to help with humidity and moisture issues. AquaGuard was able to complete all of its proposed solutions, even though this crawlspace had a very difficult design (which was hard to maneuver about).

Dacula, GA Homeowner with Mold Nightmare

When trying to sell a home, and the word "mold" is brought into the conversation, a buyer's red flags go up! In this particular home, mold was found in the crawlspace during the home inspection process and they called us out to encapsulate the crawlspace and put in a custom crawlspace door! We helped solve the mold problem and created a usable space for the hopeful new homeowners.

Crawl Space Doors

What is the main difference between a basement and a crawlspace? The main difference is ceiling height!

Would you ever leave the door to your basement open in the cold winter or hot summer? Hopefully not! Then why would you leave your crawlspace left open?

The energy savings of sealing off the crawlspace vents and doors is huge!  Now cold air in the winter months and humid air in the summer months can not enter the space to add moisture in this home's crawlspace.


Total Crawlspace Transformation in Dacula, GA

Not only did AquaGuard install products to help with this crawlspace’s function and appearance, we also helped resolve some of its structural problems. Products used in this crawlspace include:

  • Drainage Matting

  • Vent Covers

  • EZ Flow (drainage system) and a Sanidry

  • IceGuard

  • Lawnscape

  • A SmartSump

  • Smart Jacks

The homeowners can rest assured that their crawl space is not a haven for mold growth.  They can enjoy the clean look and dry healthy environment.

Canton Crawlspace Encapsulation

This Canton homeowner wished to encapsulate his crawlspace with help from AquaGuard. AquaGuard installed multiple products to help with the water and structural issues this space was experiencing.

To help fight the Water Problems:

  • CleanSpace Drain Matting

  • EZ Flow Drainage System

  • Gravity Exit Water Pumping System

  • Sealing the Crawlspace Vents

To help fight the Structural Problems:

  • 3 Smart Jack Stabilizer Posts

Total Before & After Sets: 20
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