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Foundation Wall Leak Repair

Put an end to your wet basement walls with our proven solutions

You might have damp basement walls, water puddles, or flooding during heavy rain. Water in the basement can lead to mold and mildew growth, rotted wood, wet carpets, peeling paint, and damage to your stored belongings.

If your basement walls leak, you need a long-term waterproofing solution.

Why do foundations leak?

Homes settle over time, creating cracks in the basement walls. Water from the surrounding soil can seep through these cracks. Even if there aren't any noticeable foundation cracks, water can seep through the porous concrete, making the walls and air in the basement feel damp. While a high-quality dehumidifier can help remove excess basement moisture, the best long-term solution is to waterproof the basement.

Waterproofing Your Basement Walls

1. Determine the source of the water

The most common signs of foundation wall leaks are water streaks or stains along cracks, below basement windows, between mortar joints, and around pipes.

If the entire wall is wet, you'll need to determine if the water is coming from outside or inside, such as from a bathroom shower. An experienced foundation waterproofing contractor can help determine the source of your foundation wall leaks.

2. Repair basement cracks

3. Fix window well leaks

4. Keep water away from the basement

5. Add an interior drainage system


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