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Dehumidifier for Basement

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Control humidity in the basement for greater whole-home comfort and health

When there's too much moisture in your home's air, you can feel it and smell it. A moisture problem in the basement can make the air both downstairs and upstairs feel damp and smell musty. Without an effective dehumidifier in the basement, excessive humidity can make allergies and asthma worse. It can also damage furnishings by encouraging mold growth.

Installing a high-performance dehumidifier in the basement can alleviate allergy symptoms, improve air quality, and make your whole home more comfortable.

The Basement Systems dealer in your area can evaluate your basement and recommend the best humidity control and waterproofing solution for your home.

Features of our SaniDry dehumidifiers

SaniDry Sedona ducted dehumidifier

The SaniDry Sedona can be ducted, so it doesn't have to be located in the space you are drying.

  • Designed for high-humidity areas such as basements and crawl spaces
  • Auto-humidistat senses the moisture level and automatically shuts the unit off to save energy once the desired humidity level is attained
  • No bucket to empty - designed for continuous operation.
  • Two-stage air filtration captures mold spores, dust mites, and other pollutants

How dehumidification works

A dehumidifier in the basement helps maintain an ideal relative humidity (RH) level, which improves the air quality in your entire home. When humid inside air enters the dehumidifier, a fan forces the air over cold coils to remove moisture and then blows the drier air into the basement or crawl space.

Benefits of installing a dehumidifier in the basement

  • Stop mold and mildew. Mold and mildew can grow when relative humidity levels go above 50%. By drying out basement and crawl space areas with a dehumidifier, you can create a drier environment that’s “hostile” to mold and mildew.
  • Eliminate musty odors. Getting rid of mold and mildew will do away with the bad smells that come into your living space from your basement.
  • Protect family health. Mold reproduces by putting microscopic spores into the air. These airborne organisms trigger allergic reactions and respiratory ailments in many individuals. Effective dehumidifying in below-grade spaces like the basement or crawl space can put an end to this serious form of indoor air pollution.
  • Protect your basement and belongings. Excessive humidity in the basement leads to deterioration of both structural elements and furnishings. from musty carpeting to wood rot. Whatever you store in the basement is vulnerable to the effects of moisture, especially items made of paper, cardboard, or cloth.
  • Bring the basement up to “above-grade” standards. If your basement is finished or you're planning on finishing part of your basement to expand your home’s living space, you’ll want this new living area to be just as comfortable as any room upstairs. Effective dehumidification is the answer.

Basement Dehumidifier FAQ

Click below to get answers to these commonly-asked questions about dehumidifiers.

My basement has a waterproofing system and it stays dry. Do I still need a dehumidifier?

Many “dry” basements still need dehumidification because concrete is a porous material; it will absorb moisture from the soil and release that moisture inside the basement. If the soil around your house tends to be wet, the amount of moisture that diffuses inside the basement may cause excessive humidity. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), when humidity climbs above 60%, mold is likely to grow.

Why can’t I use a standard dehumidifier to control humidity in a basement or crawl space?

Inexpensive consumer-grade dehumidifiers are designed to function at higher “upstairs” temperatures, not in the lower temperature range found in basements. An off-the-shelf, low-cost dehumidifier generally has under-sized cooling coils, resulting in longer run times (the dehumidifier will have to run longer to do as much work as a more efficient, powerful dehumidifier) and will burn out sooner. Higher energy consumption means higher energy costs. The high-capacity and performance of the SaniDry™ dehumidifiers are designed to meet the needs of basements and crawl spacess. The built-in dual air filter makes the SaniDry better for the basement, trapping mold spores, dust mite debris, and other particulate pollutants

What are the maintenance requirements for a basement dehumidifier?

Look for key features that make the dehumidifier easy to operate and maintain. For example, SaniDry™ dehumidifiers have easy-to-use digital controls. You set the target humidity level, and the SaniDry™ operates automatically to maintain that level. You never have to empty a water reservoir with the SaniDry™ because it is designed for automatic drainage into a sump pump or in combination with a condensate pump for automatic drainage.

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