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Total Basement Finishing Remodeling System Our award-winning finishing products are waterproof and mold-resistant.

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ThermalDry® Basement Carpeting

ThermalDry® Carpet Tile Benefits

  • Waterproof plastic base is impervious to moisture & mold damage.
  • Built-in drainage plane elevates carpet above a moist concrete floor.
  • Thermal break keeps the carpet warmer than the concrete for improved comfort.
  • Snap-together design makes it easy to replace damaged carpeting.
  • Speedy installation directly over concrete floor; no pad or subfloor required.
  • Carpet tiles can easily be combined with other types of ThermalDry® flooring (see photo below).
  • ThermalDry® Basement Carpeting
  • ThermalDry® Basement Carpeting
  • ThermalDry® Basement Carpeting
  • ThermalDry® Basement Carpeting
  • ThermalDry® Basement Carpeting
  • ThermalDry® Basement Carpeting

ThermalDry® Carpeted Basement Flooring Tiles

Innovative, high-quality carpet tiles for basements

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Mix and match different ThermalDry® Flooring panels

Installation options. ThermalDry® flooring comes in 12-in.-square tiles that have interlocking edges. It's possible to install more that one type of ThermalDry® flooring, as shown here.

Traditional carpeting often becomes a major problem in basements, as damp basements inevitably cause mold growth in the carpet. However, Basement Systems provides an innovative basement carpeting option to prevent these problems. ThermalDry® Basement Carpet Tiles are made from 100% inorganic material, so they are resistant to mold and mildew growth. ThermalDry® basement flooring products offer a modular design that allows for the replacement of any damaged or worn spots, rather than replacing an entire wall to wall carpet. When you choose ThermalDry® flooring for your basement, you'll replace your cold basement floors with warmth, comfort, and a beautiful finished appearance.

Why inorganic basement carpeting?

Traditional carpeting has organic material in it that makes for the perfect habitat for mold, mildew, and dust mites. In a damp basement, the carpet will become wet and mold growth is all but a certainty.

Here's what happens:

In a standard basement carpeting installation, the carpet goes down over a foam pad laid directly on the concrete floor, or on a pad installed over a wood subfloor. In either case, normal basement moisture eventually causes problems with this flooring treatment. Moisture can come from a plumbing leak, groundwater leakage, or permeates through the concrete floor. The wood subfloor and carpeting then absorb the moisture. These damp materials attract mold that causes bad smells and wood rot. In a short time, your flooring is ruined.

ThermalDry® carpet tiles set a new standard for basement carpeting

The product development team at Basement Systems threw out the rule book when they set out to develop basement flooring. ThermalDry® flooring is the result of their innovative work. The family of ThermalDry® flooring includes carpeted tiles and tiles that simulate the look of wood parquet flooring and ceramic tiles.

ThermalDry® carpeting doesn’t roll over the floor; it’s manufactured in carpeted squares that snap together. With ThermalDry® carpet tiles, there’s no foam pad to soak up water. Instead, a waterproof plastic base is designed with a built-in drainage plane and thermal break. Water drains through ThermalDry® carpet rather than soaking in, eliminating worries about mold, mildew, and moisture damage.

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