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Sump Pump Check Valve

Sump Pump Check Valve on our TripleSafe Sump Pump

Product Features & Advantages

  • Attaches to discharge line to keep water from flowing back into the sump pit
  • Reduces sump pump maintenance and failure
  • Increases life of sump pump
  • Included with every Basement Systems sump pump installation

Prevent backflow into your sump pit with a check valve

Even if your system has an existing check valve, it's best to replace it when installing a new sump pump, just in case minerals have corroded or damaged the valve flap. All sump pumps installed by an authorized Basement Systems dealer include a check valve.

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How a check valve works

A check valve on the discharge line keeps water in the pipe from flowing back into the sump pit when the pump switches off. A check valve is sometimes referred to as a "one-way" valve because it allows water (or any liquid) to move in one direction only. To appreciate how a check valve helps your sump pump system work more effectively, think about what happens when no check valve is present: Your sump pump will turn off automatically after a certain amount of water is pumped out of your sump pit or sump liner. The water that remains in the discharge pipe will fall back into the sump pit, raising the water level again so that pumping will need to resume.

Why a check valve is an important sump pump feature

Forcing a sump pump to move the same water twice can cause the pump to burn out prematurely. By installing a check valve in the sump pump's discharge line, you can avoid pumping the same water twice.

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