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3 Ways to Stop Water From Pooling Around Foundation Walls

Downspout and plants near foundation of house

Downspouts that discharge water too close to the foundation greatly increase the risk of water seeping into the basement or crawl space.

Rain and snow melt have the potential to wreak havoc on an unprepared property. Unless something is in place to stop it, this water will make its way down to your foundation walls, creating pressure that will eventually cause leaks – and one day, you may walk downstairs to find a basement full of water.

Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to make sure that rainwater won't have the chance to pool around your foundation. If you're worried about water getting to your foundation walls, the three major changes you can make are:

  • Grading. The terrain around your house should always slope down from the building. Most homes are initially built with proper grading. But over the years, the soil tends to settle, and sometimes it begins to dip lower than the surrounding soil. Water runs downhill into this depression, and absorbs into the dirt around the foundation. For that reason, the yard might need to be re-graded a few times over the years.
  • Gutters and downspouts. Gutters are a crucial component of your home's ability to manage water. Keep your gutters clean and in good condition, and install new gutters if need be. To keep water well away from your foundation, use downspouts extensions to discharge the runoff water. Basement Systems carries two different models of downspout extensions in 3 and 4-inch sizes to address this.
  • Drains. While they definitely help improve conditions, yard drainage improvements like the ones listed above may not solve all the basement leakage problems alone. Some companies will recommend the installation of exterior french drains to provide additional support – and while these drains may help keep water away from your foundation for a time, they will inevitably get muddy, clogged, and stop working. Here at Basement Systems, we recommend an interior basement waterproofing solution if you have a wet basement and you've already tried these other techniques.

If you follow these steps and seek help from a professional waterproofer when you need one, you can greatly reduce the chance of water permeating your foundation walls and causing basement leaks.

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