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The Basement Systems Story

The Beginning: Larry Janesky's 1983 Newspaper Ad

The story of Basement Systems starts with the story of Larry Janesky. The roots of Larry's rise to prosperity in wet basements can be traced to 1983, when he put an advertisement in the local newspaper: "Carpentry. No job too small. Call Larry.'" He started getting calls. Eventually, he started his own homebuilding and remodeling company.

A Better Way to Waterproof Homes

Early in his career, Janesky saw the need for basement waterproofing when one of the houses he built developed a cracked foundation wall that was leaking water into the basement. Larry did some research on the problem. What he found was there had to be a better way to waterproof homes than the technology that was currently available.

As a result, Connecticut Basement Systems, Inc. was born in 1987, with Basement Systems, Inc. and product development following in 1990. Today, Larry Jankesky holds more than 30 patents on basement and crawl space products.

Contractor Nation - A Network of Home Improvement Contractors

From this single observation and determination to find a solution, Janesky has grown his basement waterproofing and repair company into an award-winning, successful enterprise.

Basement Systems is an international network of wet basement contractors who purchase equipment and materials from Basement Systems to repair wet basements.

Many of the values of Basement Systems come from Larry's days as an Eagle Scout, following the Boy Scout Law. These values include being trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, and courteous, to name a few.

Over the years, Basement Systems has grown to incorporate other home improvement services with their own dealer networks. Basement Systems, CleanSpace, Total Basement Finishing, Dr. Energy Saver, Attic Systems, Supportworks, Treehouse Marketing, and National Radon Defense are all part of the larger parent company referred to as Contractor Nation.

Redefining the Industry

While building a successful organization using his intuition, technology, and hard work, Larry has designed a fun place to work and to innovate. His business model, a philosophy actually, focuses on outstanding customer service, well-trained employees, and the development of businesses and their owners.

Larry Janesky and Basement Systems have secured over 30 patents, and are honored to have received numerous awards for the company's ethics, business sense, and contribution to our community.

Want to learn more about Larry Janesky?

Larry Janesky is a recognized and award-winning business leader and trainer, accomplished author, and acclaimed speaker. To learn more, visit Larry Janesky's website or sign up to receive Larry's daily Think Daily emails with his thoughts on life and business.

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