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Basement Systems, Inc. Q&A

What is waterproofing a basement?

Basement waterproofing is the process of using special techniques and products to prevent water infiltration in a basement foundation. Basement Systems offers a wide range of patented sump pumps, drainage systems, and other proven products designed to keep the basement dry.

Does Basement Systems offer financing?

We offer flexible financing options with approved credit through MoreHouse Finance Company, with features like competitive interest rates, convenient payment plans, no hidden fees or closing costs, and no prepayment penalties. To learn more about specific financing plans available, contact your local Basement Systems installer.

Is there a Basement Systems dealer in every state?

Basement Systems has more than 200 contractors across 49 states and more than 20 contractors in Canada. Click "Find a local contractor" at the top of our website to see a full list of dealers in your state or click "Free Quote" to schedule an appointment with the Basement Systems company nearest you.

What size dehumidifier do I need for my basement?

When determining the right size dehumidifier for a basement, consider the square footage of the entire space that you need to dehumidify and the condition of the space. The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) estimates that a 1,500-square-foot basement that feels damp and has a musty odor only in humid weather can be served with a dehumidifier that removes about 18 pints of water from the air per day, while larger and wetter spaces require a dehumidifier that removes more water from the air. Check with your local Basement Systems dealer for help determining the dehumidification needs of your basement.

Do I need a low temperature dehumidifier?

If temperatures in the crawl space or basement fall below 65 degrees Fahrenheit (F), frost can form on the condensing coils, causing the compressor to continuously turn on and off without removing moisture from the air. It's recommended to install a dehumidifier that's specified for use at a lower temperature. The lowest operating temperature of Basement Systems' Sedona dehumidifier is 40 degrees F. The Sedona also has an auto-defrost cycle feature to prevent the unit from freezing in colder temperatures.

Will a SaniDry dehumidifier restart if there's a power loss?

Yes. Both the SaniDry Sedona and the SaniDry XP dehumidifiers have auto-restart functionality that automatically turns the unit back on at its previous settings once power is restored following a power outage or interruption.

How do I fix squeaky and bouncy floors over a crawl space?

Bouncy floors are common in homes with a crawl space. The problem is often caused by poor design, foundation settlement, or a groundwater or moisture problem in the crawl space. Standing water and excess moisture should be addressed before fixing the structural problem in your crawl space. Once the crawl space is dry, the SmartJack System can be used to lift and stabilize the beams and floor joists to help rid your home of squeaky floors. The weight of the home is transferred to a solid base of engineered fill. Steel columns are secured to the beams or joists and heavy-duty rods allow for adjustment.

What is hydrostatic pressure?

Hydrostatic pressure is pressure from a body of water at rest. The weight of the water itself is what causes the pressure. The higher the water is in a vertical column, the greater the pressure. If the void space in the soil around your foundation is filled with water, like during heavy rain, the hydrostatic pressure will push the water through the foundation and into the basement.
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