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Why You Should Not Hire a Plumber To Install a Sump Pump

Sump pump installations by plumbers may be short-sighted compared to a basement waterproofing expert.

A leader in basement waterproofing since 1987, Basement Systems, Inc. explains the difference between plumber-installed sump pumps and installations completed by a certified basement waterproofer.

Plumbers are often asked by homeowners to tackle sump pump installations, but based on Basement Systems' experience, the installations may be short-sighted and less successful in keeping basements dry over time.

A sump pump is the heart of a basement waterproofing system. It’s the main tool used to remove the water from the basement. If it is not installed correctly, it can do more harm than good. A sump pump installation begins with identifying the right location in the basement to install the sump pit and that first step requires a thorough understanding of the causes - current or potential - of any water seepage or leakage in the basement.

Why Plumbers Who Install Sump Pumps: Not the Best Option - Image 1

A sump pit is a hole in the basement floor that collects water. During installation, a sump pump is placed in the pit to pump water out of the basement. Once installed a sump pump and the pit can experience problems over time, including continuous cycling, overflow, dirt and debris accumulation and more. A sump pit that is open will get messy over time and result in water leakage and higher humidity levels, leading to musty odors and an uncomfortable and unhealthy basement environment.

A professional basement waterproofer will take responsibility for these factors when installing a sump pump: 

  • Locating the sump pit
  • Sizing the pit relative to the size of the pump
  • Placing the sump pit
  • Understanding the interaction of the sump with humidity in the basement and the drainage system
  • Properly sealing to keep dirt and debris out of the pit over time

While plumbers are the appropriate contractor to call for a plumbing leak, a proper and effective sump pump installation should be completed by a certified basement waterproofing specialist. Contact a local dealer today!

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