TripleSafe Sump Pump System

TripleSafe sump pump installed

Basement Systems' TripleSafe Sump Pump System Installs with a neat, clean finish - air-tight cover.

The ultimate protection available! The patented TripleSafe Sump Pump System by Basement Systems has three pumps to respond to the three most prevalent problems that home owners experience with waterproofing systems that fail. Now a homeowner can finally feel safe with the complete protection of the TripleSafe system that can prevent a flooded basement.

The battery backup sump pump included with the TripleSafe is also available as an add-on for the SuperSump sump pump system. The battery operated sump pump uses a specially designed battery (not an automobile or marine battery) that is engineered to withstand long periods of non-use, and a pump to backup the primary pump in case of power outage or other pump failure. The TripleSafe offers the least amount of sump pump problems you will ever experience.

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Three Sump Pump System

The three scenarios most likely to occur to any sump pump system are:

  1. If the 1st pump fails, the 2nd one takes over.
  2. If your 1st pump can't keep up with the amount of water entering the system, then it and a more powerful 2nd pump run at the same time - more than doubling capacity.
  3. If your power goes out, the patented UltraSump battery backup sump pump takes over - and it's all automatic!

The following features are included with every TripleSafe sump pump system:

Every Basement Systems sump pump liner and its matching sump pump cover forms an airtight bond with a clean-looking finish when installed. These airtight lids also help to quiet the sump pump noise. Whether you choose the TripleSafe, or one of our other waterproofing sump pump products, your basement will be kept dry with minimal interruption.

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