Crawl Space Moisture Control

By controlling crawl space humidity, you’ll make your home healthier, more energy efficient, and more valuable

Crawl space moisture control services available from Basement Systems:

  • Crawl space waterproofing with SmartPipe™ drain lines and a sump pump system.
  • Crawl space encapsulation using CleanSpace® moisture barriers and EverLast™ crawl space doors and vent covers.
  • Crawl space dehumidification using ENERGY STAR®-rated SaniDry® dehumidifiers.

A damp, dirty crawl space is an eyesore. But the presence of mold, wood rot and pest in the crawl space means you have more significant problems. Moisture in a crawl space will attract mold as well as insect and animal pests. Airborne mold spores are a serious health hazard, and wet wood in your crawl space can attract termites and carpenter ants that cause further damage.

Understanding the encapsulation recommendation

Today building scientists recommend that crawl spaces be sealed or “encapsulated” to prevent all the undesirable effects of crawl space moisture. The encapsulation process involves several steps that completely isolate the crawl space interior from moist exterior conditions.

Four steps to total crawl space moisture control

  1. If necessary, waterproof the crawl space by installing an interior drain and sump pump system.
  2. Install waterproof membranes over interior wall and floor surfaces to seal out moisture.
  3. Cover crawl space openings (vents and doorways) with airtight covers that can be removed (when necessary) for crawl space access.
  4. Install a crawl space dehumidifier to maintain low humidity levels in the crawl space.

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