ThermalDry Basement Flooring - Waterproof and Mold Resistant

Finishing your basement with nice flooring systems

No more basement nightmares. Enjoy a finished basement floor that will never become ruined or damaged from water or moisture!

If you have an unfinished basement, chances are that your basement floor is cold, hard, ugly concrete. Maybe there is carpeting, wood subfloors, or wood paneling down in your basement and you are noticing a musty, mildewy smell of mold in the air. Either way, your basement is definitely not somewhere you or your family wants to go when they don't have to. If your basement is damp and humid, then there's another issue to face: will you risk storing your valuable and sentimental things where they might grow mold? Learn why ThermalDry Floor System is the best option for you.

If your family is not using the space, what are you doing with it? As PATH (The Partnership for Advancing Housing Technology) states: "Basements are quiet, naturally cool and -- because they are separate from the primary living area -- inherently private. Also, the main plumbing, heating and air conditioning equipment is usually located there already, making connections, additions and alterations to these systems relatively easy when the changes support basement upgrades."

Basement Systems and Total Basement Finishing are the perfect answer for your unfinished wet basement. Once your basement has been waterproofed, we can transform your basement floor into beautiful, dry, comfortable area. Our waterproof basement flooring is a long-lasting solution that is durable enough for daily wear. Acting as both a vapor barrier and a thermal break in your basement floor, our basement flooring helps to lower humidity in your finished basement as well as making your home more energy efficient!

Basement Flooring Options:

Practical and long-lasting, our basement flooring is also beautiful! Our ThermalDry floor tiles come in many styles and colors. ThermalDry is available finished with carpeting or tile, as well as being available in an unfinished form for those who would like to finish their floor with carpeting or paneling of their own.

Wood Floor System
Basement Wood Floor Finish
The wood floor finished panels will not rot, warp when wet and look like hardwood flooring!
Tiles for unfinished look
Basement Floor Tiles
Mold resistant finishing tiles. Serves as a vapor barrier and looks fantastic.
Matting Floor System
Basement Floor Matting
Unfinished floor matting creates a thermal break from cold concrete and gives other options for carpeting.
Carpet Floor System
Carpeted Floor Tiles
Want carpet on the basement floor? Our carpet tiles are mold and water resistant.

Flooring for the Basement

Basement Carpeted Floor Tiles

A comfortable and attractive basement floor. ThermalDry basement floor is a versatile option for the basement floor with both carpeted and tile as available options.

There's no way around it. No matter where we go in a room, we are always in contact with the floor. Tile and carpet laid over hard, cold, damp concrete will never be as comfortable as material laid over a softer, warmer and completely dry subfloor. The raised pegs on the bottom of ThermalDry Flooring raise your floor above the basement floor, creating a thermal break and allowing your floor to breathe. This can make the surface temperature of the floor and subfloor up to 10 degrees warmer than the concrete floor.

Additionally, water vapor will not be trapped in the finished area of the floor. Any water under ThermalDry Flooring can be dried without removing and destroying the finished basement floor.

The ThermalDry Basement Floor Matting System can turn your ugly concrete floor into an attractive, comfortable surface. Its modular design means that ThermalDry carpeted, tiled and unfinished basement flooring can be mixed and matched to be customized to fit your basement remodeling ideas. The sides of the basement flooring can be equipped with a sturdy edge that creates a gradual transition from the tiled area through the doorway to any unfinished area. At 1/2" in height, they will not take valuable headroom from your basement area.

Whether you chose carpeted, vinyl tile or basement floor tiles, you can be confident that water won't ruin them, water vapor won't go through them, mold won't grow on them, and they'll never rot or buckle like wooden subfloors. Offering a Ten Year Limited Warranty, we're confident that our products are made to last and are superior to all alternatives. Combined with the ThermalDry Basement Wall System, Total Basement Finishing Ceiling Tiles, a SaniDry Basement Dehumidifier, our SunHouse and ScapeWEL Basement Window Enclosures, and our EverLast Basement Windows, Total Basement Finishing will make your basement look, smell, feel and be the most comfortable place in your home!

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