EverLast Basement Windows - Corrosion Proof and Maintenance Free

New basement windows make your basement more beautiful, more comfortable and more energy efficient

If you want to make your basement better, it’s worth paying attention to your basement windows. For many years, builders have been in the habit of installing inexpensive wood or steel-framed basement windows in basements. While this strategy certainly saved money, it also resulted in problems for homeowners.

Problems with old basement windows

Window air and water leaks

Air & water leaks. Evidence of duct tape around this steel-framed window indicates that plastic was taped over the opening in an effort to stop air & water leakage.

Rust and rot.
Basement windows are exposed to much more moisture than windows higher up on the house. As a result, steel-framed windows rust and wood-framed windows rot. Rusty or rotted windows don’t look good, and they don’t function well either.

Comfort and energy issues.
Cheap basement windows weren’t designed with energy efficiency in mind. The typical basement window has single-pane glass as opposed to insulated (double-pane) glass. Making matters worse, there are usually air leaks around the window frame that further compromise comfort and energy efficiency.

Water leaks.
Some basement windows allow water to leak into the basement. This can stain the basement wall and also bring water into the basement.

Deteriorating window wells.
Steel window wells are susceptible to rust over time. Keeping these window wells in top condition requires periodic rust removal and repainting.

Everlast Window

Only the best for your basement. A standard-size EverLast window (above) is an excellent choice to replace an old basement window. To make your basement even more like an upstairs room, consider installing a larger, egress-compliant window with a matching window well.

Make new basement windows part of your basement transformation

Installing new basement windows can really brighten up your basement. The windows we use at Basement Systems are the best available. All-vinyl construction makes our windows totally corrosion proof and maintenance free.

Our EverLast® windows will easily outlast steel and wood-framed basement windows, and look great doing it. EverLast windows also feature insulated, low-e glass to reduce heat loss and improve energy efficiency.

Most older basement windows can be replaced with new standard-size window units. It’s also possible to create a larger window opening in a basement wall, and install an egress-compliant window. This is required by most building codes if a finished basement is to be used as a bedroom.

Basement Window Services

  • Replace old windows with new maintenance-free, energy-efficient windows.
  • Replace old windows with fixed window inserts that feature maintenance-free solid vinyl construction and insulated glass.
  • Install new maintenance-free window wells on exterior.
  • Install new, egress-compliant windows with compatible maintenance-free window wells.


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