Crawl space doors

EverLast Crawl Space Door benefits

  • Totally immune to moisture damage.
  • Maintenance free: no painting required, ever.
  • Airtight seal keeps moisture, pests and outside air out of your crawl space.
  • Easy to open if access is required.

Controlling what goes on in your crawl space begins with the crawl space door. Too often, a crawl space door is simply cut from a piece of plywood, hinged to the crawl space opening, and then secured with a loose-fitting latch. Your crawl space deserves better treatment than this. A typical wood crawl space door will let moisture and pests into your crawl space, along with outside air that is likely to be too cold, too hot or too moist.

Crawl Space Doors

From bad to best. Replacing a leaky, deteriorating wood crawl space door with an EverLast Crawl Space Door is a smart upgrade.

Choose the EverLast Door for an above-grade opening

If the entry to your crawl space is through an above-grade opening, we recommend installing an EverLast Crawl Space Door. Made from ½-in.-thick plastic, the EverLast door will never shrink, warp, crack or rot like a wood door can. This durable, airtight door gives your crawl space the security, sealing and energy efficiency it deserves. The perfect companion to our CleanSpace encapsulation system, our EverLast door is the best –and the last—door your crawl space will ever need.

What about a crawl space door located below grade level?

If you have a crawl space door that’s located below grade, in a recess that resembles a window well, check out the benefits of our Turtl® Crawl Space Entry System. The Turtl eliminates the problem of a window well that collects water, debris and pests. Instead you get a secure well enclosure with a locking lid. Say goodbye to a messy open well that deteriorates with age. The Turtle is made from high-strength plastic that never rusts, rots, or requires maintenance.

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