UltraSump battery back-up sump pump system
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2 Pumps are Better than 1

The UltraSump Sump Pump System outperforms standard sump pumps because of numerous innovative features. The most important difference is the use of 2 pumps. The primary pump is a 1/2HP Zoeller unit designed to run stronger & longer than lightweight pumps. It can easily pump up to 2600 gal. per hour. Pump #2 is a battery-powered pump that will run automatically if the primary pump doesn't operate for any reason.

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UltraSump® Battery Backup Sump Pump System

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UltraSump® is only available from a certified installer in your area. Contact us to request an inspection & get a free cost estimate to have it installed in your home.

UltraSump battery backup sump pump system

Attractive & effective. Your UltraSump installation has a finished appearance that puts other sump pumps to shame. The airtight lid includes a one-way floor drain and a water level alarm.

UltraSump System Benefits

  • Heavy-duty 1/2HP Zoeller primary pump is designed for reliability and high-volume pumping.
  • Automatic switching system activates battery-powered pump if primary pump fails to operate.
  • Batter-powered pump will pump over 11,000 gallons on a fully charged battery.
  • Power outage pumping can be easily extended with additional batteries.
  • High-quality 120amp battery designed specifically for optimum sump pump performance.
  • Smart charging system automatically maintains battery power.

Install this innovative system to keep your basement dry in spite of power outages and pump failures

The sump pump is the heart of any basement or crawl space waterproofing system. So why settle for a sump pump that might burn out or be overwhelmed by high pumping requirements?

The UltraSump Sump Pump System was designed to handle "worst-case" waterproofing challenges that cause standard sump pumps to fail and basements to flood. Like the TripleSafe sump, our UltraSump system comes with a built-in backup pump. This battery-powered pump will come on automatically if the primary pump isn't doing its job for any reason -a power outage, a jammed switch, or a circuit breaker that is accidentally tripped, for example.

Top-quality components make a difference

The UltraSump's pumps are housed in a tough plastic sump liner that comes with an airtight lid. Built into the lid are two other quality features: a one-way floor drain (important if there's a plumbing leak) and a WaterWatch® alarm. The alarm will sound if water level in the sump liner rises above pump intake level.

The UltraSump's primary pump -a 1/2HP Zoeller model-is twice as powerful as many other "primary" sump pumps. Zoeller pumps have the best reputation for reliability and long-term performance; that's why we use them.

All the components in the UltraSump System are designed to work together to provide the best waterproofing protection, even under the worst conditions. We use pump platforms in the sump liner to prevent clogged intakes, and linear motion float valves that won't jam or snag like "ball-on-wire" valves.

Get ultimate protection with UltraSump

The UltraSump battery backup sump pump system will keep your basement dry, even during a power outage. Contact your Basement Systems dealer today to learn more about this patented, high-performance system.

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