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Basement Drainage Solutions

Is your basement protected against flooding, water seepage, and leaks? Luckily, our TripleSafe™ sump pump has a three-pump system that automatically adjusts to meet drainage needs. Given its battery-powered composition, the TripleSafe™ will continue to protect against flooding during power outages. Also, its airtight, removable lid reduces noise and makes it easy to service.

By adding the UltraSump® battery backup sump pump system, you can have even more basement flood protection, as the system automatically switches on when the primary pump fails. The UltraSump® removes 12,000 gallons per hour on a fully-charged battery.

With the TripleSafe™ sump pump system and the UltraSump® battery backup sump pump, the basement specialists at Basement Systems, Inc. can assure the basement stays dry and secure, even during extreme weather conditions.

Our BrightWall® rigid, plastic wall paneling is compatible with our sump pumps, as any water seepage will be directed to your drainage system. BrightWall® is completely waterproof, durable, and mold-resistant. It also keeps humidity and water vapor from entering the basement.

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