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It Happens Every Spring

Wednesday, March 22nd

Vintage Baseball Card showing batterOr what baseball and your basement have in common.

It happens every spring: Yes, we're talking about Spring Training. Despite the chill still in the air, the beginning of baseball season tells you warmer weather is not far away.

Wet Basement Season Starts in Spring, Too

Spring also launches what we call "Wet Basement Season" in most regions of the country. See the connection: base-ball and base-ment?

Joking aside, there is a connection if you love watching sports in your basement or would rather be throwing pitches at a T-ball game than mopping up a wet basement. If you use your basement for ANYTHING, even storage, spring rains can turn your basement into a Major League headache pretty fast.

Don't Get Rained Out: How'd your basement do last spring?

If you had water issues in your basement last spring, it's likely to happen again. If you’re in the Northeast or in the  Northern swath from Oregon through Illinois and Ohio to Maine, your basement or crawlspace is vulnerable to snowmelt and spring rains. Even in states with less rainfall, one bad storm can be devastating if your basement windows are rusty and leaky. Or if water seeps into the basement when the soils around your house are saturated.

Map of Average Precipitation in the United States

Map showing average precipitation in the United States. Image in the public domain. Source: Wikipedia.

Flash Floods Happen

Even in states with little or no snow, there is still the potential for flooding. From the Texas Hill Country, known as “Flash Flood Alley,” to the South Atlantic, last year saw some major and sudden floods in the spring and fall. Most recently, the National Weather Services foresees the potential for flooding along the Mississippi River, given wet soils from rainfall last fall and depending on what spring holds in store.

The DIY Approach Strikes Out

Vintage Baseball Card showing runner at baseHow many times have you had to step up to bat and deal with your wet basement? For some homeowners, once is enough. Customers with recurring wet basement problems often call us after several attempts at DIY cleanups, using buckets, shop-vacs and short-term fixes. It gets old pretty fast, they tell us.

On Deck: Your Friendly Basement Systems Waterproofing Expert

As we come out of hibernation and the days grow longer, we get back into home maintenance mode. And our basement contractors get busier across the nation regardless of the weather.

Don't let your basement get in the way of baseball - whether it's watching your Little Leaguer or the first MLB game on April 2nd. Find your local certified Basement Systems contractor today to find out if and how your basement is vulnerable and how to fix it.

Baseball images in the public domain.

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