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Crawl Space and Basement Humidity

Removing humidity is crucial to removing allergens

Dehumidifiers Kill Home Mold and Dust Mites

A dehumidifier can kill dust mites and home mold to make your living space healthier

Mold and dust mites absorb water from the air. When this moisture becomes scarce, mold grows dormant, ceasing to reproduce and spread, and dust mites borrow deep into materials where there's more moisture to be found. For this reason, a short period of dry air will not be enough to kill them - mold can stay dormant for years and dust mites will not die as long as they can burrow down and find more moisture.

Experts all over the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom - including the Environmental Protection Agency - agree that fixing plumbing leaks, removing free standing water from the home, and dehumidifying the basement and crawl space are all excellent ways to help keep the home free of dust mites and mold.

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Basements and crawl spaces are humid environments

Killing Dust Mites

Dust mites thrive in the humid environments in basements and crawl spaces

Basements and crawl spaces are always humid. Moisture from the earth around the home naturally passes through foundation walls and floors and seeps into the home. As it does, anything that is laid on the walls and floor, including carpet, wood, and drywall, will become damp and a happy home for mold. The Journal of Property Management has reported that between one and ten million spores can exist on a single square inch of drywall! Dust mites also enjoy the organic materials, with a single female laying up to 270 eggs in six weeks.

Crawl space and basement humidity is also expensive for the entire home. As air heats and rises upwards in the home, exiting through the attic and upper levels, the air below is pulled upwards into the home. As it rises, humidity, and anything else in the basement and crawl space air, comes upwards with it. Humid air is much more difficult to heat and cool, so home utility bills are increased significantly. Additionally, as the wood structures in the home get moldy and decay, they will need to be replaced at great cost to the home owner.

SaniDry™ crawl space and basement dehumidifier

Basement and Crawl Space Dehumidifier

Energy efficient dehumidifiers can save money on utility bills while eliminating home allergens.

Unfortunately, many of the dehumidifiers on the market are not built to make the difference they need to. Inefficient basement dehumidifiers fail to remove enough humidity from the basement to make a difference. Too often, these weak dehumidifiers will fill their collection trays in a mere eight hours and will ultimately need continuous and frustrating maintenance in order to continue to run.

Basement Systems' answer to crawl space and basement dehumidification is the SaniDry™ Basement Air System. Once its installed in your basement or crawl space area, it will become drier, cleaner, healthier, and more energy-efficient. When it comes to effectively lowering the relative humidity to whatever percentage you'd like to really dry out your basement area, this is the perfect product for you!

As an energy efficient product, our powerful SaniDry™ is able to remove a fantastic 100 pints of water with the same energy usage as a 40 pint model. As the water is removed, the unit will drain the water itself, eliminating the need for the homeowner to go through the tiring project of constantly removing and emptying collection trays. With its powerful blower, the dry air will be sent all over the room, drying out wood and other objects in the area and giving mold and burrowing dust mites nowhere to run or hide! The unit can even be ducted to other areas, so your finished basement can continue to look beautiful while the appliance is stored in a closet or unfinished section.

As the SaniDry™ lowers humidity in the home, the entire house will become easier to heat and cool. Additionally, it's capable of removing particles from the air as small as two microns. This means that mold spores, dust mites, pollen, hair, and other materials can be filtered directly from the air as it is dehumidifier. Additionally, an optional air filter will remove odors and must smells from the basement air.

Keep your home dry and clean with Basement Systems

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