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Mold Learning Center
Mold Learning Center

How Does Mold Spread Throughout Your Home?

Fuzzy & Colorful

Moldy paint is possible. Organic resins in many types of paint can support mold growth if the surface stays moist and isn’t exposed to direct sunlight.

Moldy Paint

Fuzzy & colorful. Mold “colonies” can take hold when moisture, organic material, and oxygen are present. Multiple colors and a soft-textured, lumpy, or grainy surface are typical characteristics.

Mold is spread primarily through spores, but it reproduces in a rather unusual way. Although they do produce seed-like spores that will grow once conditions are right, there are no flowers, no seed pods, and typically, no parent organisms. Reproduction is typically asexual. In addition, the number of spores a single mold organism can produce runs into the hundreds of millions! With this in mind, you can imagine how quickly mold can take root and invade your home, piece by piece. 

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