Crawl Space Dehumidifier - SaniDry CX® by Basement Systems

SaniDry™ CX Crawl Space Dehumidifier

Sanidry CX Crawl Space Dehumidifier
SaniDry™ CX Crawl Space and Basement Air System

SaniDry™ CX Benefits

  • Provides dry, clean air
  • Eliminates risk of mold growth
  • Will never need emptying
  • Energy efficient
  • 10x more powerful than traditional dehumidifiers

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A mold & rot free crawl space 

The SaniDry™ CX is a dehumidifier system designed for crawl spaces, mid-sized basements or other spaces, with a coverage area of 2200 square feet under typical conditions. This unit is the industry’s best for dehumidifying a damp, humid crawlspace.

The SaniDry™ CX is a compact, powerful dehumidifier that can remove 109 pints of water per day and can operate in temperatures as low as 40°F. This is an excellent choice for mid-sized basements and crawlspaces. If you need a larger dehumidifier, see the upright SaniDry™ XP Basement Air System.

The SaniDry™ CX is best used as part of the CleanSpace Crawl Space Encapsulation System, which includes waterproofing and insulation services to keep your crawl space clean and dry and give you healthy air. Call your local Basement Systems dealer for a free estimate on all crawl space services.

Power 700 watts @ 80°F and 60% RH
Air Circulation 300 CFM
Weight 86 lbs.
Capacity 109 Pints/Day @ 80°F and 60% RH / Up to 2200 sq. ft
Dimension width:20", height:15", depth:37-1/4"
Operating Temperature Range 40-95°F
Ducting Yes
Efficiency Standard 65% Efficient, ASHRAE Dust Spot Test
EPA Energy Star Certified Yes

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SaniDry CX™ Crawl Space Dehumidifier

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