MillCreek™ Basement Faux Wood Flooring

  • Millcreek Wood Flooring
  • Millcreek Faux Wood Flooring
  • Millcreek Wood Flooring
Millcreek Wood Flooring Sensible & Beautiful Basement Floors

MillCreek Flooring™ Benefits

  • Totally immune to mold & moisture damage.
  • Will not warp, twist or crack like real wood flooring.
  • No subfloor or expensive underlayment required.
  • Excellent resistance to stains & scuffing.
  • Available in 3 different wood tones: mahogany, oak & rosewood.
  • Low-profile to maintain maximum headroom in the basement.

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Different Types of MillCreek Basement Flooring

Beautiful in the basement. MillCreek flooring looks like real wood, but its vinyl composition ensures that it will never warp, crack, rot or require expensive refinishing. Two different wood tones are available.

The appearence of wood floor without moisture and maintenance worries

Just about everyone loves the look of a wood floor. But installing a wood floor in your basement can lead to serious problems. Wood’s porous nature means that your flooring will absorb and hold moisture, creating ideal conditions for mold and wood rot. And wood’s tendency to crack, swell or warp means you might be in for expensive repairs. Eventually, wood floors require refinishing, too.

MillCreek flooring looks like real wood

Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy the beauty of a wood floor in your basement, with none of the risks and hassles that commonly occur? MillCreek® flooring can make this dream a reality. MillCreek flooring planks have an authentic wood grain top surface, printed on a solid vinyl base that can’t be damaged by mold, moisture, insects or animals. As long as your basement’s concrete floor is reasonably flat and smooth, MillCreek flooring can be installed over a thin cushioning sheet laid directly on the concrete.

MillCreek flooring comes in three distinctive wood grain tones, enabling you to choose between dark rosewood, light-grained oak, or medium brown mahogany. The durable, easy-cleaning characteristics of MillCreek flooring make it an ideal choice for all kinds of rooms in a finished basement. Get the basement floor of your dreams with none of the nightmares that can occur with real wood flooring.

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