Wood Floor Options for Basement Flooring

Why MillCreek Flooring is the Answer
  • Fast, E-Z Click installation
  • Looks the same as hardwood flooring
  • Will never become ruined or damaged from water or moisture, 10 Year Residential Waterproof Warranty
  • Use your space instantly, no waiting for glue to dry

If you install plywood subflooring, chipboard subflooring, or hardwood finished basement flooring, your woes have just begun. What do you have to look forward to? Rotting floors, insects, rodents, mold, musty smells, buckling floorboards and expensive removal and replacement of the basement floor!

If you have wood in your basement, it will get wet. When wooden floors get wet or moist, they rot and need to be replaced. Wooden floors of any type are not the answer to finishing a basement!

A sensible and beautiful solution for wood basement flooring

Mill Creek Hardwood Flooring for Basements
Different Wood Finish Flooring for Basements

MillCreek Flooring combines the attractive look of hardwood with the benefits of a 100% waterproof basement finishing system. MillCreek Flooring will never rot, support mold growth, or expand and buckle when wet. With its 10-Year Residential Waterproof Warranty, you will never have to worry about water heater failure, damaged pipes, or any other flooding from damaging and ruining your finished basement floor!

No basement finishing system is this convenient! Your floors are safe for aquariums, watering plants, dropped drinks and other liquids. They clean easily and extremely stain resistant! MillCreek Flooring has a coating that is anti-slip and is designed to look beautiful for years and years without fading.

Available in Natural Oak and Mahogany, its beauty is timeless! This flooring installs quickly and cleanly. MillCreek installs without using the traditional adhesive bonding method — one that uses formaldehyde — and is environmentally friendly.

An added benefit of our system is that the floor can be used immediately after installation. You can place your furniture instantly and start enjoying your new basement.

If you absolutely love the warm, natural look of a wood finish and would like to incorporate this look into your basement remodeling plans, there's no better choice! MillCreek Flooring is the best new trend in basement finishing on the market — Contact one of our basement finishing contractors today!

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