EverLast Basement Drywall Restoration System

What It Does:

When a basement finished with drywall experiences flooding, the damage to the walls can be huge! Every wall panel may show damage, and as the moisture stays trapped behind the walls, it can result in mold growth.

Our EverLast Finished Wall Restoration System is the ideal solution for homeowners who have had their finished basement drywall damaged by basement flooding.

Instead of ripping out the damaged drywall and replacing it with new drywall (that could be damaged by future flooding) we finish the bottom section of the wall with an insulated panel.

This wall panel system will ensure that your basement stays lookin great -- even if the basement floods!

System Components:

  • 1/2" rigid cementitious board cladding
  • White & beige-patterned vinyl surface
  • 32" high installation
  • Decorative, inorganic chair rail & baseboard
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Advantages to the EverLast Drywall Repair System

By installing the EverLast Drywall Repair System, you not only repair wet drywall damage, you also protect yourself from this problem in the future.

This wall system is created with inorganic materials-- materials that will not be damaged by water, and will not support the growth of mold or mildew. Additionally, the EverLast Finished Wall Panels used in this system are fully washable and are 197% stronger than drywall!

Installation Time:

basement drywall panel damaged by flooding water

When drywall is damaged by flooding water, it can discolor and become a breeding ground for mold, rot, and mildew.

This wall restoration system is fully compatible with our basement perimeter drain systems and basement flooring options. The EverLast Drywall Restoration System can be installed once the old drywall has been removed, the waterproofing system has been put in place, and the floor has been restored flush.

When installing the EverLast Wall Restoration System, it is recommended that a vapor barrier be installed on the concrete wall, directing any moisture or leakage from the walls, right down into your drainage system. The wall panels are installed, and the area is cleaned. The entire installation is complete within a week.

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