Sump Pump Cover

The patented airtight sump pump cover fits perfectly with any sump pump basin and serves many purposes including:

  • Keeping moisture from evaporating into the basement.
  • Keeping bugs, odors, and radon gas from permeating up into the basement.
  • Quiets the sump pump noise.
  • Keeps objects (tools, laundry, stored items) from falling into the sump hole.
  • Prevents small children, who could fall in, from playing in the sump hole.
  • So strong you can stand on it and stack items on top.
  • Features a 2-piece design so the pump can be serviced without disconnecting the sump pump discharge line.
  • Features a special basement floor drain that lets water down, but prevents air and moisture from coming up. So if a pipe breaks in your basement, the sump pump pit cover will let the water in and pump it out.
  • A dramatic improvement in the appearance of the sump, which protects the market value of your home.
sump pump cover

SuperSump Sump Pump Cover
Looks great in a basement!

TripleSafe sump pump cover

TripleSafe Sump Pump Cover
Airtight, Sturdy, and Built-Right!

The sump pump cover is just one sump pump feature that comes standard in every Basement Systems' sump pump installation of the patented SuperSump, SmartSump, or TripleSafe sump pump systems.

Also pictured on the sump pump basin cover (SuperSump=gray, TripleSafe=creamsicle orange) is the patented WaterWatch sump pump alarm (the red disk with white label), which sounds off like a smoke detector in the event that water has risen above the point where the sump pump should have turned on, adding a extra layer of protection to your basement waterproofing system.

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