Sump Pump Cover

Sump Pump Cover

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Our sump pump covers are designed for an airtight fit over a plastic sump liner. Both the SuperSump (left) and TripleSafe models have airtight covers that include WaterWatch alarms and recessed floor drains.

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Sump Pump Cover Benefits

  • Keeps moisture from evaporating into the basement.
  • Prevents odors & radon gas from permeating up into the basement from the sump pit.
  • Reduces sump pump noise.
  • Prevents people & objects from falling into the sump pit.
  • Reinforced plastic top is strong enough to support stored items.
  • Easy to remove for sump pump service or inspection.
  • Includes a basement floor drain to admit water from a plumbing leak or other source.
  • Gives the sump pump system an attractive finished appearance.

You CAN judge a sump pump system by its cover! At Basement Systems, every sump pump cover is a critical part of a well-designed sump pump system made from the best components available.

Why put up with an ugly and dangerous open sump pit when you can install a sump pump system that includes a study plastic sump liner with a matching airtight cover? Get a free estimate on installation and specific sump pump features, today!

Sump Pump System

Get with the system. A total basement waterproofing installation can include a sump pump system equipped with battery backup (to keep working during a power outage) and a basement dehumidifier that removes mold spores and dust while drying basement air.

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