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Crawl Space Encapsulation

Many homeowners think that just because their home was built with a dirt crawl space that it will not negatively impact the rest of the structure. The crawl space experts at Basement Systems, Inc. know differently – this is because water vapor will eventually evaporate into the home and cause rotting floor joists, mold growth, structural damage, and more.

In this crawl space, not only is it being impacted by nasty dirt and debris but also hanging, degraded insulation. By adding the CleanSpace® vapor barrier, we can isolate the crawl space from the rest of the home while also protecting it from water leaks, moisture seepage, unsafe contaminants, and more. As an added benefit, the vapor barrier also seals the below-grade space, transforming it into a clean and secure storage space!

Crawl Space Insulation & Encapsulation

This nasty dirt crawl space was filled with debris, pooling water, and a damaged, inefficient liner. Installing a barrier between the dirt crawl space and the home can prevent groundwater leaks, water seepage, moisture, mold growth, and other damage. However, if it is an ineffective barrier, it will under-perform and your problems will persist.

By adding our CleanSpace® vapor barrier, the waterproofing specialists at Basement Systems, Inc. were able to transform this nasty, damp crawl space into a clean storage area, protecting it against moisture seepage, water infiltration, air leaks, and more. 

Combined with our SilverGlo® foam board crawl space insulation, we further boosted home health, energy-efficiency, and value!

Crawl Space Insulation & Vapor Barrier Installation

A nasty, wet crawl space can cause major concerns for the rest of the structure. As water vapor evaporates into the home, this can cause mold growth, pooling water, structural damage, and more.

Luckily the experts with Basement Systems, Inc. have an efficient solution with the CleanSpace® vapor barrier, which has been proven to protect against water seepage, air leaks, water intrusion, and more. By sealing off a dirt crawl space from the rest of the home, we can better protect the entire structure while also creating a clean and secure storage area!

By adding crawl space insulation, we can further protect home health, energy-efficiency, and value. We start by insulating and air sealing rim joists, as the perimeter zone can be a major source of air infiltration and heat loss. Then we add SilverGlo® foam board wall insulation, which resists water absorption, mold growth, and water infiltration!

Crawl Space Drainage

This crawl space in East Haven, Connecticut was wet and had issues with flooding. The old sump pump wasn't working to keep water out of the crawl space.

To fix the drainage problems in the crawl space, Connecticut Basement Systems installed a complete crawl space drainage system, including a TripleSafe sump pump, WaterGuard drainage system, TrenchDrain, and drainage matting. They also added the CleanSpace vapor barrier and a SaniDry dehumidifier.

The result is a dry crawl space that the homeowners could use to safely store extra belongings.

(Image Credit: Connecticut Basement Systems)

Crawl Space Encapsulation

An earth floored crawl space can cause a whole host of problems if left unattened. 

Many homes are supported via wooden beams in the crawl space, but leaving these supports exposed to water, insects and small rodents, they could become compromised. 

Furthermore, an unsealed, unencapsulated crawl space can invite mold, mildew, and indoor allergen problems, as well as leave the home above uncomfortable, or with spongy floors that will need to be replaced due to moisture damage. 

Using our Clean Space Vapor Barrier, a thick, mositure resistant barrier, we've sealed this crawl space off from the potential dangers of an unfinished crawl space. 

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