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Crawl Space Drainage System

The crawl space should never be wet. If you notice water in the crawl space when there's heavy rain, it's necessary to find a solution to keep the crawl space dry to prevent water damage. A foundation drain system might be the answer.

A Basement Systems dealer specializing in crawl space repair can recommend the best foundation drainage solution for your home. Get started by scheduling a free crawl space drainage evaluation and cost estimate today.

Crawl Space Drainage Options

The best drainage solution for a crawl space depends on the conditions in the crawl space. Basement Systems offers a wide range of foundation drainage options, including cast-iron sump pumps and patented foundation drain pipes.

There are three major steps to fixing water problems in the crawl space:

  1. The first step in controlling groundwater leakage is to install a sump pump.
  2. For a crawl space with a major water problem, a perimeter drain might be needed.
  3. A vapor barrier should be installed along with a drainage system to keep the crawl space dry and prevent issues such as mold, rot, musty odors, and poor indoor air quality caused by moisture buildup.

Sump Pump

TripleSafe sump pump in a sealed crawl space

A TripleSafe sump pump system with battery backup installed in a crawl space.

A quality crawl space sump pump removes standing water from the crawl space.

The sump pump is typically installed in the lowest spot of the crawl space. Any water that gets into the crawl space, such as rainwater, melting snow, or a plumbing leak, will naturally drain into the sump pump and will be pumped out and away from the foundation.

Some state building codes require that a sump pump is installed as part of crawl space encapsulation. Check with your local Basement Systems dealer for more information.

Perimeter Drain

A perimeter drain is installed around the interior of the crawl space walls. The drain pipe connects to the sump pump, which removes the water from the crawl space.

For a dirt crawl space - We usually recommend the SmartPipe Crawl Space Drainage System to prevent flooding in a dirt crawl space. SmartPipe features a filter fabric with holes on the top and front to accept water from the soil and surface of your crawl space. The pipe also collects water seepage from the crawl space walls and the footing/wall joint.

For a crawl space with a concrete floor - The WaterGuard Drainage System or DryTrak Drainage System is typically recommended for a concrete crawl space.

Talk to your local CleanSpace professional about the best solutions to fix your foundation drainage and dry up your crawl space. Or learn more about our crawl space products, including our vapor barrier, flood vents, crawl space doors, and more.

For a free foundation drainage evaluation of your crawl space, contact your local CleanSpace dealer today. 

Want to learn more about foundation drainage?

Learn more about French drains and our exclusive patented drainage system used to solve moisture issues in basement and crawl space foundations.

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