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How to Fix a Leaky Basement Wall

Monday, March 6th

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Flexispan boasts a triple-layered approach to wall cracks in the basement. A sealant, a foam-lined drainage channel and an impermeable membrane work together to block and redirect any water leaks or seepage.

Basement leaks can cause all kinds of problems for a home, from mold and mildew to full-on floods. Leaks can spring from all kinds of places, including floors, windows, and walls. If your home is suffering from a leaky basement wall, here are some of the steps you can take to get the situation under control.

Check the outside

Recurring basement water problems start outside your home.Here's what to look for:

  • If your gutters aren't up to scratch, more water will infiltrate the soil around your foundation and will eventually end up in your basement through cracks in the floor or walls. Checking in on your gutters is a great place to start if you have water in your home.
  • Additionally, the soil grade near your foundation should lead away from your home's exterior walls, not towards them. If that's not the case, look into using fill soil, stone and mulch to adjust the soil.

Find the right solution

There are many ways to tackle a leak coming in from your basement wall. Some methods are better than others. While some companies might try to recommend "waterproof" paint or primer, this rarely stops a leak for long. Another solution is exterior waterproofing, which is expensive and disruptive to a property. Basement Systems recommends repairing cracks with FlexiSpan, a three-part system that ensures long-lasting proper protection. Your local Basement Systems dealer also specializes in basement drainage products that work alongside FlexiSpan, including interior drains and sump pumps, to keep a basement dry.

Choose the best contractor for the job

Only a professional should be trusted to handle any wet basement problems your home is facing. If you're suffering from a leaky basement wall, be sure to contact a basement waterproofing contractor with the credentials, experience, and tools to get the job done - and one who's willing to share customer reviews to back up their claims.

Looking for a contractor to help you resolve wet basement or leaky wall issues? Find your local Basement Systems dealer and discover how they can permanently fix a leak in your basement! All of our dealers offer free estimates and comprehensive quotes for all of their services - get in contact with a Basement Systems company near you today!

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