ThermalDry® Basement Flooring System

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    Beauty, Durability & Low Maintenance. ThermalDry floor tiles snap together and install directly over a concrete floor. Two shades of nylon carpet tiles are available, along with two ceramic tile finishes and a remarkably realistic parquet floor tile.

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    Notice the nubs. The plastic underside of a ThermalDry tile contains a network of nubs to create drainage space and a thermal break between the concrete and the finished floor surface.

Attractive, waterproof and nearly indestructible basement flooring

Damp basement conditions can easily ruin certain flooring materials –like plywood, oriented strand board (OSB) and carpeting installed directly over a basement slab floor. It’s messy, expensive and discouraging to remove moisture-damaged materials from your basement.

Wouldn’t it be nice to install basement flooring that couldn’t ever be damaged by mold or moisture? Look no farther. ThermalDry Floor Tiles are designed to stand up to tough basement conditions and provide many years of worry-free, low-maintenance performance.

10 benefits that make ThermalDry flooring the best for your basement

  1. Great style & color choices.
  2. 10-year warranty.
  3. No mold or moisture damage ever.
  4. Snap-together design installs directly over concrete floor.
  5. No mastic, grout, glue or finish required; ready to use as soon as it’s installed.
  1. Individual tiles are easy to replace.
  2. Built-in drainage & thermal barrier.
  3. Mix & match different ThermalDry tiles in the same floor.
  4. Super durable & easy to clean.
  5. Edge & transition strips available.

Interlocking floor tiles in different styles

Finished basement floor tiles

Flooring for every style. ThermalDry finished basement flooring tiles are available in a variety of styles, colors, and textures.

All ThermalDry flooring tiles share the same 12-in.-square shape and snap-together design. The high-density PVC plastic used to form the body of ThermalDry flooring tiles is strong, durable and immune to moisture damage. The underside of each ThermalDry tile features nubbed construction to create a drainage plane as well as a thermal break to shield your feet from the cold concrete floor.

You can choose from several styles of ThermalDry flooring. Surface finishes include tan and grey simulated tile, two tones of synthetic basement carpet tiles and a remarkably realistic wood parquet tile. Since tiles are designed to interlock, you can even combine different ThermalDry styles in the same floor –a feature that provides plenty of design possibilities.

Doing it right so you don’t have to do it over

Some basement finishing projects begin in a bad way: by removing moldy, moisture-damaged finish materials that shouldn’t have been installed in the first place.

ThermalDry flooring will always be at its best, in spite of the worst conditions that can exist in a basement. It’s the best flooring for a finished basement and also the last flooring you’ll ever need to install. If a tile gets damaged for any reason, it’s easy to remove and replace the tile.

Use ThermalDry floor matting and insulated decking as the ideal subfloor

  • Basement floor matting

    Base hit. Installing ThermalDry Floor Matting gives you a great utility floor that can also provide a durable, moisture-proof base for different finished floor materials.

  • Insulated basement subfloor

    Increase comfort. With ThermalDry Insulated Floor Decking, you can add insulation to your basement floors and install a waterproof subfloor to protect your finished flooring in a single installation step.

Like ThermalDry basement flooring, our ThermalDry basement floor matting features the same PVC tile construction for exceptional durability and immunity to moisture damage. Installing these grey tiles gives you an attractive, high-quality utility floor that can also serve as underlayment for carpeting and other finished floor treatments.

Before you install finished basement flooring, consider the benefits of Basement Systems' revolutionary insulated basement subfloor system. ThermalDry Insulated Floor Decking leaves you with a comfortable, dry basement floor.

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