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  • Concealed drainage system
  • Powerful, reliable sump pumps
  • Battery backup systems
  • Patented waterproofing products
  • Energy-efficient dehumidifiers
  • Industry-leading warranties

Basement Waterproofing Companies in Florida

2203 Hamilton St
Jacksonville, FL 32210
Greater Jacksonville, FL & Saint George, GA: including Saint Augustine, Middleburg, Saint Johns, Ponte Vedra Beach, Fleming Island, Yulee, Atlantic Beach, Fernandina Beach, and areas nearby.
View company profile for reviews, awards, before & after photos, and more.
8821 W Tennessee St
Tallahassee, FL 32304
Northern Florida: including Homosassa, Yankeetown, and Cedar Key.
View company profile for reviews, awards, before & after photos, and more.
702 NW 9th Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311
Florida: including Fort Lauderdale, Pembroke Pines, Hollywood, Coral Springs, Miami Gardens, Pompano Beach, West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Miami Beach, Deerfield Beach, Boynton Beach, Opa Locka, Homestead, Delray Beach, Jupiter
View company profile for reviews, awards, before & after photos, and more.

The following company is an authorized Basement Systems dealer in Florida offering professional basement waterproofing services including drainage and sump pump installation. The company profile will list reviews, the contractor’s history, service area, ratings, and more.

Choosing a Waterproofing Company for Your Florida Basement or Crawl Space

Have a musty, wet basement or crawl space? Damp basements and crawl spaces are something no homeowner should deal with alone. If you are suffering from constant worry about the health and safety of your basement or crawl space, it’s time for a change. If you’ve tried DIY efforts to fix pooling water, cracks in your foundation, leaky basement windows, or high humidity, it’s time to find an experienced, professional waterproofer you can trust. A wet basement or crawl space wastes valuable living space, damages building materials and stored possessions, pollutes the indoor air, risks the health of those living in the home, and puts your investment in your home at risk. That adds up to considerable risk.

Look for expertise, training, and experience.

When you choose a professional waterproofer in the Basement Systems network, you get a local company trained in and devoted to the best waterproofing practices. Each contractor listed here is an expert in the diagnosis of sub-grade moisture problems as well as the design and installation of proper drainage, moisture and humidity control, and basement materials. Say goodbye to musty basement smells and water damage! 

Demand high-quality basement waterproofing products

This top Florida contractor has exclusive access to Basement Systems’ award-winning waterproofing products that have helped homeowners since 1987. With access to 27 patented Basement Systems products, your local Basement Systems dealer can customize a solution to address your specific basement or crawl space problem. With solutions like the WaterGuard basement drainage system and the UltraSump industrial-strength sump pump, your basement can be ready for the next big rainstorm.

Other basement waterproofing products include our high-performance SaniDry Sedona Basement Dehumidifier, basement wall and floor treatments, window wells, and basement window replacements. Browse the full line of basement waterproofing products.

Why Do Florida Basements & Crawl Spaces Get Wet?

Flooded basement: Once your basement gets flooded, you want to understand why, in addition to getting it fixed. Severe basement flooding in Florida can be caused by heavy spring rains, tropical storms and hurricanes, and flash floods.

Other reasons for wet basements and crawl spaces: There are many possible sources for pooling water, damp basement walls or flooring, and high humidity. These include: rusty basement windows, poor grading around the foundation, leaks through cracks in the foundation, saturated soils, simple plumbing failures, and poorly functioning drainage or sump pump systems. A basement or crawl space already musty and damp is ill-prepared for the next bad rainstorm! Basement waterproofing can address the underlying issues, prevent future water damage and improve the indoor air quality.

Basement Waterproofing & Crawl Space Repair

Waterproof your basement today! The waterproofing experts in the Basement Systems network have helped homeowners across the state of Florida for decades, by identifying the source of leaks, flooding, groundwater seepage, and musty odors. With a range of waterproofing and moisture control solutions available through Basement Systems, your local dealer will install the right solution for your basement or crawl space.

Wet Basement Solutions:
  • Basement Waterproofing
  • Crawl Space Encapsulation
  • Leak Basement Window Repairs
  • Exclusive Drainage & Moisture-Control Products
  • Industrial-Strength Sump Pumps 
  • Energy-Efficient Self-Draining Dehumidifier    
Dry Basement and Crawl Space Benefits:
  • Usable Basement or Crawl Space
  • Healthier Indoor Air
  • Mold, Dust, and Pest Reduction
  • Lifetime Transferable Warranty
  • Home Value Protected
  • Peace of Mind When It Rains!

Next Steps to a Dry Basement or Crawl Space in Your Florida Home

Basement Systems products address every major basement or crawl space problem, including moisture intrusion, flooding, leaky windows, structural rot, and excessive humidity. The best basement waterproofers for your Florida home are those who can diagnose the source of the problem and have the training, expertise and experience to design and install an effective system that keeps your basement dry.

1) Read Reviews & Check Out Past Work

Spend your time reading through the reviews of the basement waterproofing companies listed here. Check out their profiles that highlight their work (before and after photos), awards, and experience.

2) Get inspections and cost quotes

Call or fill out the Free Estimate form to set up an inspection of your basement. When you choose Basement Systems authorized contractor, you’ll get a free book on how basements are constructed and why they get wet, a custom design solution, and written estimate at no charge.

3) Choose Your Contractor & Enjoy the Result!

Choose a basement waterproofer based on the proposed solution, quality of materials, reputation of the contractor, and the price. Remember you only want to waterproof your basement once! After the work is completed, enjoy your dry basement for storage, finishing, laundry, and entertainment.

Florida's Trusted Waterproofing Company

  • "I can highly recommend IEM. They were very professional, tremendously courteous, and surprisingly inexpensive..." Read Full Testimonial

    Tanju C. of Jacksonville, FL

    Customer Testimonial

              Our frame house is located right on the river and has a basement. Its size is approximately 1,500 square feet with about 1/3 on soil and 2/3 on concrete slab. The basement was quite damp and during strong rains could take on about 2 inch of water. The old sump pump could minimize the damage, but the accumulative damage was pretty strong. Especially in a frame house the structure is very susceptible to water and the damage and odor travels throughout the house. When we bought the property last fall we decided right away that this has has to be fixed right away. After researching a couple of companies we decided to go with IEM. They were courteous on the phone and were ready to dispatch a specialist the next day for a free estimate. PJ arrived at our house and did a thorough inspection. Since nothing had been done in the 100 years before (except for the old sump pump) and our location right on the river he recommended to encapsulate the basement and install further water barriers around the property. So in detail they performed the following: Basement Encapsulation: ---------------------------------- - remove old insulation, regrade the dirt, clean and disinfect the subflooring system - dig a trench around the perimeter of the basement - install a pipping system and and backfill the drainage system - remove all 15 windows units and replace it with newer windows - install drainage matting throughout the basement ground cover - remove old sump pump and install a sump pump with 2 failover systems - ensure all trench systems feed into the sump pump for max efficiency - install a 20 millimeter thick polythene membrane on the ground - install the polythene membrane on the wall to a height of 4 feet - install an industrial sized dehumidifier to eradicate any further excess moisture Foundation Wall Repair: -------------------------------------- - remove plants, pavers and anything else which might interfere with work progress - excavate soil around foundation wall completely around the building to about 2 feet - clean and prep foundation wall surface - repair mortar joints and concrete block surfaces - apply a coating of surface bonding cement to all foundation wall surfaces - apply commercial waterproofing compound on all of the surface areas of the foundation wall and footer- install a french drain system and a discharge line around parts of the perimeter The contract price was set fixed at around $45k and IEM estimated a 2-3 week time frame. During the project Clay and his amazing team encountered tons of unanticipated issues. The strong roots from the trees around the building had disintegrated the walls much more than was visible at first. Many bricks where simply hollowed out and Clay and his team were rebuilding a good part of the wall foundation completely from scratch. Since we're located in a historic district IEM could not simply install new windows, but were painstakingly remodeling each of the 15 windows by hand (sanding down, paint in previous color, sand clean each glass plate, fix all joints) and now those historic windows look like new. IEM also took care of getting the permits from the historic society to make the necessary changes. Clay and his team worked highly professional and efficient. Nevertheless it took more than double the anticipated time to finish the project. All the trouble with the windows was neither in the contract nor was it anticipated. Nevertheless IEM did not charge us a dime extra. I can highly recommend IEM. They were very professional, tremendously courteous, and surprisingly inexpensive regarding all the work that had to be done. Moreover, there were so many aspects to consider and it was great to have the same points of contact for all those issues (Clay and PJ). Both were very responsive to any concern and addressed them all. Moreover, even the company owner and basement guru John come out several times to make sure everything went smoothly. We feel very happy that we chose IEM. Our once damp basement which was ruining our frame structure is now a dry basement and solid for the next 50 years! The odor is completely gone and the whole house should get less hot in summer and less cold in winter.
    Tanju C.
    Jacksonville, FL
  • "John Hassler and the entire team were true professionals." Read Full Testimonial

    Richard G. of Tallahassee, FL

    Customer Testimonial

              I am a very satisfied customer of Indoor Environmental Mgmt. John Hassler and the entire team were true professionals. They went above and beyond to insure that our crawl space concerns were addressed. He (John) took ownership of the problem which gave us confidence that the remedy (encapsulation and structural) would be done the right way even if it exceeded the original quote. Additionally, our job was completed ahead of the schedule and I have never seen such a hard working implementation crew as Carlos's team. Everyone we dealt with at IEM was responsive and professional.
    Richard G.
    Tallahassee, FL
  • "Thank you for the letter. It is exactly what I wanted. Our experience working with IEM has been excellent. ..." Read Full Testimonial

    Mr. C. of Tallahassee, FL

    Customer Testimonial

              Thank you for the letter. It is exactly what I wanted. Our experience working with IEM has been excellent. Everyone has been profession, hard working and polite. I told Jodie that it reminded me of the good ole days. J. Clay 11/16/2018
    Mr. C.
    Tallahassee, FL
  • "Highly recommend to anyone who needs this job done!" Read Full Testimonial

    Sandra R. of Tallahassee, FL

    Customer Testimonial

              To everyone at IEM, Thank you, thank you, for your very propt service and wonderful crawl space reconditioning, everything was great! Highly recommend to anyone who needs this job done!
    Sandra R.
    Tallahassee, FL

Let Basement Systems solve your basement or crawl space water problem. Your local Florida basement expert in our network will be happy to help transform your wet, leaky or humid basement into a usable, dry, healthier space today! Serving the greater Tallahassee area and more, call today for your free basement inspection and estimate!

Don’t call a handyman who fixes one or two wet basements a year to solve your wet basement problem. Go with the experts who have been revolutionizing basement waterproofing since 1987. Basement Systems has solved wet basement problems for hundreds of thousands of homeowners throughout the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Ireland. As a Basement Systems company, we offer patented – and proven – products that aren't available to other contractors. We can provide a permanent solution to your basement waterproofing problem and will back it up with a lifetime, transferable warranty.

Customer Reviews
  • By Lawrence G.
    Jacksonville, FL
    "Thanks, Jodie. The guys did a fantastic job. Very impressive"

    Customer Review

    By Lawrence G.
    Jacksonville, FL

    Thanks, Jodie. The guys did a fantastic job. Very impressive
  • By Andrea B.
    Lynn Haven, FL
    "Good Morning Jodie,   I wanted to start off by saying that we are..."

    Customer Review

    By Andrea B.
    Lynn Haven, FL

    Good Morning Jodie,   I wanted to start off by saying that we are very happy this far with the work that has been done, The crawl spaces are looking absolutely amazing and we cannot wait to see what the finished product looks like and how it holds up
  • By Tanju C.
    Jacksonville, FL
    "I can highly recommend IEM. They were very professional, tremendously..."

    Customer Review

    By Tanju C.
    Jacksonville, FL

    I can highly recommend IEM. They were very professional, tremendously courteous, and surprisingly inexpensive regarding all the work that had to be done.
  • By Clint D.
    Jacksonville, FL
    "Having mold/mildew issues is a huge concern for families and to have a..."

    Customer Review

    By Clint D.
    Jacksonville, FL

    Having mold/mildew issues is a huge concern for families and to have a solution like yours to transform a crawl space and create a safe environment for the home is a blessing.
  • By Marie S.
    Lake Butler, FL
    "Our architect and subcontractor are also very impressed with the quality..."

    Customer Review

    By Marie S.
    Lake Butler, FL

    Our architect and subcontractor are also very impressed with the quality of your work. Thank you.
  • By Allen H.
    Tallahassee, FL
    "Pertains to all categories: I found the entire experience professionally..."

    Customer Review

    By Allen H.
    Tallahassee, FL

    Pertains to all categories: I found the entire experience professionally and efficiently done.
  • By Sal A.
    Tallahassee, FL
    "Good follow-up with customer on survey results."

    Customer Review

    By Sal A.
    Tallahassee, FL

    Good follow-up with customer on survey results.
  • By Tyler M.
    Tallahassee, FL
    "Hardwood floors are now separating - this was mentioned as a possibility,..."

    Customer Review

    By Tyler M.
    Tallahassee, FL

    Hardwood floors are now separating - this was mentioned as a possibility, but I wonder if it is more of a probability.
  • By Reggie J.
    Tallahassee, FL
    "I had the honor of working with John Hassler of Indoor Environmental..."

    Customer Review

    By Reggie J.
    Tallahassee, FL

    I had the honor of working with John Hassler of Indoor Environmental Management on a particularly dicey transaction. John Hassler was absolutely amazing dealing in with a disastrous mold situation. I was thinking this deal was dead in the water but Mr. Hassler navigated the ship through murky waters and we pulled it into harbor. There is no doubt that had it been anyone else but Mr. Hassler that deal would have died quickly! I would and have recommended Indoor Environmental Management to any one wanting the BEST IN THE BUSINESS! Not only was Mr. Hassler beyond professional in his knowledge he is capable of explaining the situation in terms buyers and sellers understand in a calming tone. Truly enjoyed my transaction with IEM and John Hassler!
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