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RockWell® Basement Egress Window Wells

Rockwell Basement Window Well
  • One-piece design effectively seals out moisture & soil and reinforced plastic construction will never corrode or deteriorate.
  • Attractive, maintenance-free well finish looks and feels like real stone.
  • Different egress-compliant window options, including slider & casement units.
  • Installation meets code requirements for safe egress in a basement bedroom.
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  • RockWell® Basement Egress Window Wells
  • RockWell® Basement Egress Window Wells
  • RockWell® Basement Egress Window Wells
  • RockWell® Basement Egress Window Wells
  • RockWell® Basement Egress Window Wells
  • RockWell® Basement Egress Window Wells

A bright and safe window exit for your basement

Installed RockWell™ Basement Window Well

Installing an egress window adds safety and brightness to any finished basement.

A basement egress window well is designed to make it easy to get out of the basement quickly in the event of an emergency. While nobody plans on having an emergency, the more time you spend in the basement, the more important it becomes to have more than one means of exit. In fact, building codes require an egress window well if you are using a portion of the basement as a bedroom, family room, home office or other living space. 

Your local Basement Systems contractor can help you choose basement windows that meet local code requirements. We recommend vinyl window units because they require no maintenance and can’t be damaged by moisture.

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Durable, one-piece design

The RockWell™ basement egress window well system consists of several premium-quality components. The oversized window well is a one-piece unit made from high-quality plastic that is reinforced for strength and durability. Installation requires cutting the new window opening with a masonry saw, then mounting flanges on the well enable technicians to seal and fasten the well to the outside of your foundation. Built-in steps make it easy to climb up and out.

Cover your window well for added safety and protection against debris

An egress window well is deeper than a standard window well, so a cover is essential to prevent children and pets from accidentally falling in. A clear plastic cover for your window well will also protect against pests, debris, and rainwater.

Let the natural daylight in!

Who says a basement can’t have as much natural light as an upstairs living space? RockWell™ Window Wells are designed to dramatically increase the amount of natural light that comes into your basement. 

Find a local installer for your RockWell® egress window today

Installing an egress window well is not a DIY project. A professional installation can ensure you are compliant with building codes. RockWell® window wells are only available from a professional installer in your area. Contact your local Basement Systems waterproofing contractor to schedule a consultation and get a free cost estimate to have a basement egress window installed in your home.

Do you need to replace or install a basement window well without an egress? Learn more about our SunHouse basement window enclosure system.

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