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EverLast™ Replacement Basement Windows

Everlast Window Replacement
  • Built with reinforced vinyl frames that won't rust or rot.
  • Double-pane glass will help prevent heat loss.
  • Available as a slider window or as a fixed window insert.
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  • EverLast™ Replacement Basement Windows
  • EverLast™ Replacement Basement Windows
  • EverLast™ Replacement Basement Windows
  • EverLast™ Replacement Basement Windows
  • EverLast™ Replacement Basement Windows
  • EverLast™ Replacement Basement Windows

Beautiful, maintenance-free basement windows

EverLast™ Basement Window Installation Before & After

Old basement windows easily become rusty or rotted (before image). An EverLast™ basement window (after image) has a maintenance-free vinyl frame that won’t ever look less than new.

Basement windows can have a big impact on the comfort, beauty and convenience you enjoy in the basement.

That’s why we developed two types of innovative EverLast® replacement basement windows:

  • Our EverLast™ Slider comes with screens to keep pests outside when you slide the window sash open. Each sash unit can be removed from the jamb for easy cleaning.
  • The EverLast™ Window Insert enables you to replace a leaky old window with a fixed sash that comes with double-pane insulated glass.

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Basement Systems offers many other basement window products, including window wells, egress windows, and basement window drainage.

Problems with old basement windows

Until now, the standards for installing basement windows haven’t been very high.

Builders paid attention to windows in the main part of the house, but typically chose cheap steel or wood-framed windows for the basement. As a result, standard basement windows have some significant problems:

  • Cold drafts and poor energy performance - Old, single-pane basement windows allow cold winter drafts to enter the basement through leaks between the window frame and the rough opening. To make matters worse, a great deal of heat can escape by conduction through single-pane glass.
  • Difficult to operate - Rusty or rotted window frames can make operable windows difficult to open and close.
  • Rusty or rotted frames - Steel-framed windows will always be prone to developing rust that degrades their appearance and function. Wood-frame basement windows suffer from rotted frames and peeling paint. This damage can turn basement windows into an eyesore.
  • Maintenance required - Basement windows with wood or steel frames will always need regular maintenance (scraping, sanding, painting, renewing glazing) in order to look good and function properly.

How EverLast™ solves your basement window problems

EverLast™ basement windows from Basement Systems won’t ever rust or rot because they’re built with reinforced vinyl frames. These rugged, maintenance-free replacement windows won’t ever require sanding, reglazing or repainting.

Plus, EverLast™ replacement windows feature double-pane, insulated glass, so you won’t need to worry about major heat loss. Our installation crew will use the right techniques to eliminate air leaks through gaps around the window.

If you are looking to replace your old basement windows or install basement windows in a new home, our EverLast™ windows will easily outlast steel and wood-framed basement windows, and look great doing it.

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