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French Drain vs. WaterGuard Interior Drainage System

Closeup of a French drain pipe clogged with dirtCloseup of the WaterGuard drainage pipe being installed around the concrete floor of a basement

Drag the arrows left and right to see a clogged drain tile vs the clog-free WaterGuard drainage pipe.

A French drain, also called a footing drain, is a pipe that carries water away from your house.

Installing an exterior French drain can be difficult and expensive. Landscaping, decks, and walkways might need to be ripped out to install the drain pipe.

An interior drainage system is an easier, more affordable option for waterproofing your basement.

The WaterGuard Basement Waterproofing System is a non-clogging French drain alternative. Our interior drainage system captures water at the most common point of basement entry - the floor and the wall joint.

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Advantages of the WaterGuard System:

  • No messy, disruptive excavation
  • More cost-effective and affordable to install
  • Easy to maintain

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What's a French drain and how does it work?

A French drain (also called a weeping tile, drain tile, perimeter drain or sub-surface drain) is a common basement waterproofing solution. It's a trench containing a perforated pipe that redirects surface water and groundwater away from the foundation.

Problems with exterior French drains

A French drain can be an effective option to redirect water, but it also has several disadvantages. Problems common with French drains include:

  • Difficult to install

    A French drain is typically installed after a home is built in response to a wet basement problem. This requires digging around the foundation of the home. Any landscaping, such as shrubs and flower beds, as well as walkways, steps, decks and porches that are outside the home must be removed. Buried gas and water lines, sewer pipes and electrical wires could pose hazards during digging.

  • Clogging

    A French drain pipe that's clogged with silt, sediment and other debris can clog and cause water to overflow or backup into the basement. Footing drains often become packed with dirt or filled with tree roots. Removing clogs from the pipe is an expensive job that requires digging.

  • Expensive to maintain

    After a French drain is installed or serviced, the soil against the foundation can settle and will need to be re-graded. After about 10 years, you might need to repeat the entire process.

WaterGuard: The clog-free solution from Basement Systems

Basement Systems' patented basement drainage systems, are designed and engineered to solve basement water problems, without the worry of clogging from soils under the floor.

Exterior French drains are installed outside the foundation in the “mud zone” and can easily clog. Basement Systems' WaterGuard® Basement Waterproofing System is installed in the “clear water zone” above the footing to prevent clogging. Each of our drainage systems stop water at the perimeter of your basement and safely drain it away.

The installation of WaterGuard® or any of our other interior drainage systems, is your first line of defense in keeping your basement dry and clean.

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