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DryTrak® Basement Water Control System

Advantages of DryTrak®

  • Best interior drainage system for use on monolithic slabs that include a foundation wall footing.
  • No jack hammering of slab necessary for installation.
  • Faster and less expensive to install than exterior drainage systems.
  • Designed to work with high-performance sump pump systems from Basement Systems.
  • DryTrak® Interior Basement Drainage System
  • DryTrak® Interior Basement Drainage System
  • DryTrak® Interior Basement Drainage System
  • DryTrak® Interior Basement Drainage System
  • DryTrak® Interior Basement Drainage System
  • DryTrak® Interior Basement Drainage System

DryTrak® Interior Basement Drainage System for Monolithic Foundations

Prevents flooding by controlling water leaking into basement

The major leakage zone in any basement is the perimeter, where basement walls meet the slab floor. Ground water that seeps through basement walls will flow down toward the floor. Hydrostatic pressure during wet weather will often force ground water into the basement along the wall-floor joint.

The DryTrak® basement water control system is designed to capture this water leakage before it reaches your basement floor. When combined with a high-performance sump pump system from Basement Systems, DryTrak drainage provides an effective, worry-free solution to basement water problems.

DryTrak® captures water from leaks along floor-wall joint

How DryTrak® works

The base of the DryTrak drainage channel is sealed to the basement slab floor with a special epoxy adhesive. The tilted top section of the DryTrak profile is designed to maintain a narrow opening along the channel’s top edge, so that wall seepage can flow down into the drainage channel.

DryTrak is compatible with all foundation wall types, and it will perform equally well on basements of different sizes and shapes. Our well-trained crews are often able to complete a DryTrak installation in a single day.

Basement Systems offers a variety of basement drainage systems to meet all your waterproofing needs.

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