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Testimonials for Hi-Line Flood Solutions

Ben Springer, owner of Hi-Line Flood Solutions, is the best! His work is topnotch and his price is reasonable. He does not do several jobs at a time but concentrates on yours until the job is finished. I was living in Turner when he worked on my basement in Chinook and he was so accommodating. I highly recommend Hi-Line Flood will not be disappointed!
Ada B. of Chinook, MT
Wednesday, March 6th
The higher amounts of moisture over the last couple of years left ground water seeping into my basement, leaving it moldy, mildewy, and rotting. Being a single female homeowner, I did not have any clue as to where to begin.  Luckily, I was put in touch with the team at Hi-line.  Their knowledge on waterproofing issues helped me make an informed decision in putting a system in that was going to work.  The team at Hi-line made this easy by completing all phases of the project from demo to reconstruction.  I am very pleased with their professionalism and hard work. My basement has been dry since their system was installed and I am very pleased with the results.  I would highly recommend Hi-line Flood Solutions.
Gabrielle V. of Havre, MT
After the basement in our home was flooded in the spring of 2011, I began searching for a solution to keep our home dry from ground water seepage. The recommendations I received locally didn’t seem to be the answer. The professionals from Hi-line Flood solutions set my mind at ease as we began investigating what options we had to keep our home from reflooding. After the team installed a state of the art waterguard and sump pump system I have the confidence my basement will stay dry, and in the long run save thousands of dollars in future damage. Having this peace of mind is worth millions to me when we leave for any length of time. This system will not only handle virtually any amount of water it is presented with, it will do it when the power has failed with the innovative battery powered backup system. Not only would I recommend this system for people that have water problems in their basement or crawl spaces, I highly recommend ANYBODY with new construction to contact Hi-line Flood solutions and do it right the first time. Believe me, you don’t want it to be an after thought. As the saying goes, you can pay a little now or pay through the nose later. And one more thing, When Hi-line Flood Solutions starts your project, you are the only customer they have until they are finished. One job at a time.
Ron H. of Havre, MT
I have been able to recommend Hi-Line Flood Solutions to many of my friends, none have been disappointed. Ben’s work is top notch. I would recommend them again without hesitation!
Jeremiah N. of Havre, MT
Wednesday, March 6th
Ben has always been extremely prompt addressing any and all concerns I have come across. Gutters, Flooded crawl space, interior sump installations, and aesthetic metal trim installation. I highly recommend them on a regular basis.
Mike W. of Havre, MT
Friday, May 3rd
I am very happy that I was able to find the crew at Hi-line Flood Solutions.  For the last few years I have been struggling with moisture issues in my crawl space.  Ben Springer, owner of Hi-line Flood Solutions, set me up with a clean space total encapsulation system.  I was very impressed with their professionalism and quality of work. The job was completed in a very timely matter.  My crawlspace is now a clean, dry space. Thank you to Hi-line Flood Solutions.
Brad D. of Havre, MT
Wednesday, June 14th
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