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New Basement Wall Panels Installed in Staten Island, NY

This Staten Island homeowner was experiencing dampness on their basement walls. They contacted Quality 1st and we installed BrightWall Paneling System. The BrightWall panels are 100% waterproof and will never rot, warp, or discolor. BrightWall will dramatically improve the appearance of the basement.

Staten Island Basement Flooring

This Staten Island home flooded due to a huge rain storm. The flood caused damage to the floors and walls of the basement. Quality 1st Basement Systems installed ThermalDry basement flooring which is completely waterproof. ThermalDry comes in many different basement flooring color options and will never be damaged in the event of water in the basement which makes it the best solution for basement flooring. This homeowner now has a comfortable, dry, beautiful basement.

Leaky Basement Crack in Staten Island, NY

This Staten Island, NY basement had a leaky crack. Quality 1st Basement Systems sealed it up to keep the basement safe.

Durable Waterproofing Walling in Staten Island, NY

BrightWall basement wall panels will keep this Staten Island garage waterproof and mold-free. BrightWall directs water seepage to a sump pump and keeps the space dry.

Newly Waterproofed Basement in Staten Island, NY

A new homeowner in Staten Island, New York had water in their basement and contacted Quality 1st for a solution. Our System Design Specialist went to inspect the basement and noticed the signs of water and recommended a waterproofing system be installed. WaterGuard was installed along the perimeter of the basement and underneath the floor slab to make sure the system does not clog. WaterGuard collects the water that seeps in through the basement walls and floors and directs it to the sump pump. The SuperSump sump pump was installed in the basement to keep it dry for extended periods of time, even during heavy water intrusion. The SuperSump is capable of pumping 2,220 gallons of water per hour out of an 8-foot head out of the basement. This system is perfect for occasional water issues, but nothing severe.      

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